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We’re in the last quarter for pickup sales and, as expected, the F-Series, Ram pickups, and the Chevy Silverado are leading the pack in purchases. The Tacoma and Sierra hold their own in fourth and fifth place.

However, it’s not the top leaders we find surprising with GoodCarBadCar’s sales statistics. It’s what we spy at the bottom that makes us scratch our heads. Let’s explore the least popular pickup truck of 2019 (so far) to see if it really should receive such a disappointing title.

Which truck is the least popular in 2019?

When you look at year-to-date figures, two trucks have the lowest sales. The Jeep Gladiator is one, and the other is the Honda Ridgeline. When you dig deep and see the monthly figures for both, it’s clear the Ridgeline is the least popular pickup of the two.

The Honda Ridgeline’s monthly figures land in the 1,000-3,000 sales range. August was the only month in 2019 where it exceeded 3,000 sales. There were also a few months where it outsold the Canyon and Titan, but the Ridgeline consistently lands at the bottom of sales charts.

Why is the Honda Ridgeline so unpopular?

One reason may lie with the exterior styling. The Ridgeline isn’t the most aesthetically-pleasing truck out there. It’s pretty simple compared to competitors, and it shares many design elements with the Pilot. This pickup sits a bit lower to the ground than traditional trucks and only comes with the 5.3 feet of cargo bed and a mere 34 cubic feet of space.

Towing is another area where the Ridgeline may take a hit in popularity points. The front-wheel-drive version can only handle up to 3500 pounds. If you opt for all-wheel-drive, then you gain more towing weight, bringing its towing capacity to 5000 pounds. Other trucks in the same class can handle at least a ton or more when hauling things.

Is the Honda Ridgeline’s lack of popularity warranted?

Even with the Ridgeline’s undesirable qualities, the fact that sales are low is surprising. Honda may have taken a risk with designing this pickup, but there are far more benefits than weaknesses to this truck. One feature lies with the cargo bed, which is surprisingly on the list of cons.

The cargo area is small, but it also contains an in-bed trunk compartment underneath the cargo bed, giving you extra storage for smaller items. Also, the space between wheel wells is 50 inches, so you can haul 4-by-8-foot drywall sheets or similar materials in a flat position. That’s not something you see with many other trucks.

The Ridgeline comes out on top with its interior cabin. Honda designed a spacious seating area for both front and rear passengers. You get more leg and knee room than most other pickups. Also, according to Car and Driver, the ride is one of the most comfortable they’ve experienced with a 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Fuel economy is pretty good for both front-wheel- and all-wheel-drive. Honda claims the Ridgeline gets 26 highway MPG. Car and Driver reported 29 MPG during testing, which helped solidify a 4.5/5 rating they give this truck.

Why the Honda Ridgeline is the least popular truck for 2019 is unknown. Perhaps people have a hard time getting past the exterior design. Whatever the reason, we hope more people can see the gem that the Honda Ridgeline actually is.