A 455hp…Shed?

Cars aren’t always designed to be practical. Some are designed to be fun to drive, some are designed to have jaw-droppingly good looks, and some are…sheds? Somewhere out there, there is a shed driving around on wheels, and it might not be practical, or nice to look at, but it supposedly has 455 horsepower.

The affectionately named Fastest Shed was a concept created and brought to life by one Kevin Nicks in the United Kingdom, and it apparently isn’t the only one of its kind. Apparently the Guinness World Records even has a category for the fastest garden shed.

Built in 2015, the Fastest Shed has gone through several build phases, each improving upon the last in various ways. It has even broken the world record for fastest shed, making it up to a terrifying 101mph.

The shed-on-wheels took over a year to construct and included a steel frame and wooden shiplap exterior, not quite the fiberglass and carbon fiber body we are so used to seeing on the road. Yet somehow, the team was able to make this rolling shed street legal.

It is actually the Fastest Shed

If you were surprised to hear that someone designed to motorized a shed, and for some reason give it 455hp, you might also be surprised to know that it isn’t the first of it’s kind. In fact, there is apparently world records for fast sheds.

The shed went through several motor renditions, each making it faster than the last. The first version of the Fastest Shed was built on a Volkswagen Passat 4Motion which didn’t offer much in way of power or performance. The VW motor did get a nitrous oxide boost that pushed it up for 265hp, which isn’t impressive compared to most modern-day sportscars but it is impressive considering it is an actual shed.

Fastest Shed

Kevin’s Fastest Shed make an attempt at the world record for the fastest shed in the fall of 2018, after he made some modifications to the drivetrain. Before this attempt, Kevin and his team fitted the shed with the Audi RS4 engine from the B7 generation of Audi RS4 cars. This brought the shed up to the reported 455bhp that broke the record.

If you expected this giant, heavy shed to have a terribly ride quality, there was an unexpected component of this build you might not have seen coming. The weird vehicle was fitted with a luxury air suspension to give it a smoother, easier ride than you’d think a shed on wheels could provide.

You probably won’t ever see the Fastest Shed driving around or the previous record-holding sheds, but there is apparently a quiet competition for building a record-holding shed, and if you’re interested you can even build one yourself. The world of cars is full of weird cars and endless possibilities, and with the way, technology is headed, who is to say that we won’t get an electric or plug-in hybrid shed that you too can take on the record with.