A 2,300-HP All-Electric Elektron Quasar? Sure, Why Not?

Last year we thought that the 1,314 hp Elektron One supercar was a bit of overkill. Since then, numerous other supercar manufacturers have hit or surpassed that number. But now, German automaker Elektron is back. And its Quasar electric hypercar is beyond overkill with 2,300 hp. Once the numbers start getting this high it is almost like, “Sure, go ahead, why not?”

The Elektron Quasar is capable of zero-to-62 mph in under two seconds

Elektron Quasar hypercar front 3/4 view
Elektron Quasar hypercar | Elektron

Things are getting pretty ridiculous. A 2,300 hp hypercar capable of zero-to-62 mph in under two seconds is just scary. Don’t get us wrong, we love it. But at a certain point, it becomes hard to imagine-or to harness if you’re driving, a 2,300 hp car. And it is zero-emissions at that. 

Did somebody complain about the lack of horsepower when the Elektron One was announced? Is there some anatomy compensation going on at the company? Or is this just the natural progression of things? We don’t have those answers, but we can tell you about the car.

Four electric motors are at the heart of the Quasar platform

Elektron Quasar hypercar tip-up view
Elektron Quasar hypercar | Elektron

Four electric motors are at the heart of the platform. We’re assuming that’s one motor per corner. These motors are launching a vehicle weighing 3,307 lbs. It also incorporates Elektron’s Smart Torque Vectoring System. This allows power to each wheel but adjusts that power if slipping is detected. 

That power combined with the limited weight launches the Quasar to 62 mph in 1.65 seconds. The Quasar’s top speed is estimated to be 280 mph. Just imagining that type of speed in a street car is crazy. Yet, here it is if you’re one of the select few.

That’s because there is no open spigot of Quasars. Only 99 will be manufactured. That production will happen over three years starting in 2023. Factoring the current exchange rates for the German Mark the price will be a cool $2.6 million

Fans of the Elektron One will have to wait for it to be developed further

Purple Elektron Quasar hypercar
Elektron Quasar hypercar | Elektron

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Fans of the Elektron One will have to wait for it to be developed further. That’s because according to Elektron Motors CEO Armagan Arabul, Elektron One’s start date has been postponed. It will now begin shipping eight months after the Quasar. That, or maybe he can just slide deposit holders over to the Quasar and not even bother with the slower Elektron One. We can’t believe we’re even writing “slower Elektron One.”

Maybe if you’ve got the scratch to buy a Quasar you should hold off just a bit. With Elektron’s track record there will be something even more powerful coming soon. And to that, we would say, “Why not?”