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You know it, we know it, gas prices are entirely out of control. With the current state of the world, there’s not much we can do to lower gas prices at the moment. As drivers, it’s out of our control. However, there are some things we can do to save a bit of money at the pump. The best way to save money on gas? Avoid getting gas altogether for as long as possible. gave us nine valuable tips for saving money on gas while gas prices are at an all-time high.

1. Tips for saving money on gas: Combine trips

tips for saving money on gas
A driver fills the gas tank in an SUV | Logan Cyrus / AFP via Getty Images

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure this one out. Drive less, and you’ll use less gas, therefore saving money on gas. Combining trips is an easy way to drive less while still getting everywhere you need to be. Stop at supermarkets and other stores on the way home from work. Learn the best possible route using tools like Google maps to ensure quick and easy trips to multiple places at once. Regardless of where you need to go, get multiple errands out of the way simultaneously.

2. Clean out your car

A car organizer is one of the tips for saving money on gas
This messy UV could use a car organizer | Nadine DeMarco

People often like to use their cars as trash cans or storage units. There are all kinds of junk in the trunk, rolling around the backseat and anywhere else you might throw it. Clean it all out of the vehicle and reduce the weight your car has to carry. Believe it or not, even small reductions in weight can help improve gas mileage. With the current gas price, take all the help you can get.

3. Pump your tires

Proper Air pressure is one of the tips for saving money on gas
A woman tests the air pressure of her winter tires | Angelika Warmuth/picture alliance via Getty Images

Properly inflating your tires can significantly increase your gas mileage. Automakers don’t recommend you fill tires to certain air pressure for their enjoyment. Vehicles perform their best when tires are properly inflated. Without the correct amount of air inside, tires drag along the road more and prevent the car from moving forward as easily as it should. Recently, we found out that some vehicles can lose up to 3% of their total gas mileage because of low tire pressure.

4. Shop for cheap gas without leaving home

A woman pumps fuel into her car
Gas pump | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Now is not the time to drive to the closest gas station without checking the prices. Apps and websites like Gasbuddy list locations and gas prices at fuel stations near you. Find the most affordable option along the next route you’re taking to work or the store and stop in. It might not be a significant difference, but every few cents per gallon can help.

5. Best tip for saving money on gas: Work from home

Tesla Model S plugged into a Tesla wall charger at home outside of a garage
Tesla Model S plugged into a Tesla home charger | Tesla

This isn’t an option for everyone, so skip to the next tip if it doesn’t apply to you. However, for some people, working from home is optional. Maybe you choose to work in the office to stay focused, have more readily available resources, or you just like being out of the house. Whatever the reason, forget all about it. It’s the perfect time to work from home and wholly eliminate your commute. You’d never believe how much you’ll save on gas without driving to work every day.

6. Replace your air filter

According to, an engine needs air as much as gas to be at its best. Dirty air filters can disrupt performance and lower gas mileage overall. Air filters are something many people go far too long without replacing, which causes many problems over time. Best of all, they’re cheap to buy and easy to replace. YouTube is your best friend when it comes to self-maintaining a vehicle.

7. Tune up your car

It’s much less common to hear someone say their modern car needs a tune-up in 2022. However, certain repairs and replacements that fall under the term could improve your car’s performance. Replace spark plugs, ignition wires, fix that check engine light, and whatever other small things can be repaired. Anything and everything works together in a vehicle, and you never know what tiny repair could help with poor fuel economy.

8. Stop driving altogether


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With Spring right around the corner, we know you’ve been considering biking to work for years. It’s always challenging to start, but once you do, you’ll never regret it. Not only will you be in excellent physical condition, but you will also reduce fuel usage substantially. If biking isn’t an option for you, look into public transit. Trains, buses, maybe even Uber rides could end up being cheaper than spending on gas. Of course, this all depends on where you live and where your job is located.

9. Tips for saving money on gas: Carpool

Does carpooling still exist? Not only can you find carpool groups online, but you’d also be surprised what your coworkers are willing to do with the current price of gas. We’d wager a group of coworkers could form a carpool, causing each person to drive once a week or so. That would effectively reduce your fuel usage by four out of five days of the workweek. That’s a great way to save money on gas.

In conclusion, high gas prices are something everyone wants to avoid. While some things like air filters and emptying your vehicle might help with gas mileage, there’s one common way to save money on gas. Each one of them involves one thing: drive less. No matter how you have to do it, don’t drive as often. Combine trips, ride a bike, carpool, or work from home, but don’t drive. Those are nine tips to save money on gas while prices continue to skyrocket.