9 Sedans That Offer the Most Cargo Space

As far as cargo space is concerned, SUVs and minivans are the hands-down champions as they offer plenty of acreage — and more, when the seats are folded. On the downside, though, utility vehicles tend to be large and bulky, harder to maneuver, and from a handling perspective, not all that great at all (with some exceptions, of course).

Fortunately, Edmunds.com spent some time sifting through the vast number of available sedans on the market to find out which one offer comparable — or at least decent — cargo space space in a less boxy format. Here are nine (10, including near-duplicates) cars that would make good alternatives to an SUV, as far as cargo space is concerned.


9. Jaguar XF

With 17.7 cubic feet of cargo room, the Jaguar XF — the smaller of the Jaguar sedan family — falls into ninth place. The figure likely remains unchanged too, even in the higher-performance XFR.


8. BMW 7 Series

Tied with the Jaguar at 17.7, the BMW 7 Series offers the same amount of cargo space, but in different luxury trappings, if German style is more your speed.


7. Cadillac XTS

In addition to a host of other new goodies, Cadillac’s newly redesigned XTS also offers 18 cubic feet of cargo room, helping it truly compete in the segment where it belongs.


6. Lexus LS 460

Also boasting 18 cubic feet is the Lexus LS 460, the flagship luxury sedan from Toyota, a car renowned for its comfort and spacious attributes.


5. Chevrolet Impala

For number five, with 18.6 cubic feet of cargo space, the 2013 Chevrolet Impala (the 2014 model is pictured, which actually holds 18.8) takes the cake; were the list based on the latest models, the new Impala would fit in at number three.


4. Lincoln MKS

At 18.7 cubic feet, Lincoln’s MKS full-size sedan falls into fourth place, beating out it’s primary Detroit rival, the XTS (which had 18 cubic feet.)


3. Ford Taurus

With more room than its corporate cousin — the MKS — the Ford Taurus offers a generous 20.1 cubic feet of cargo space, more than adequate for the week’s grocery run or a golf trip for, like, four people.


2. Audi A7/S7

It appears that sporty and practical do converge at some point in the Audi A7 — and its S7 high-performance variant, both of which boast 24.5 cubic feet of cargo space, despite the sloped hind-quarters and coupe-like styling.


1. Tesla Model S

Because it isn’t enough that it does so much else well, the Tesla Model S sedan blows by its competition in cargo space as well, with 26.3 cubic feet — greatly helped by the lack of an engine in the front bay, allowing the car to have two cargo holds before the owner resorts to putting their stuff in the cabin.

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