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Calling all Chevrolet enthusiasts! Here’s a list you’ll want to see: chock-full of nostalgia. Looking back at all the different Chevy models you’ve owned over the years, which vehicles do you still talk about fondly? You might find a few bowtie favorites on this list of Chevy models with ridiculously low maintenance costs.

We dove into the RepairPal data and configured a full roster of Chevy models with maintenance costs below $400. Whenever you’re shopping for any vehicle, maintenance costs are essential to your decision-making process. Whether you’re buying a secondary vehicle, a commuter car, or a sweet Chevy ride for your soon-to-be 16-year-old, check out these models. 

1. Chevy Beretta

A Chevy Beretta on display at the 1987 New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center
A Chevy Beretta on display | Barbara Alper/Getty Images

First up on this list of Chevys with below $400 maintenance costs is the Chevy Beretta. RepairPal culled reports and surveys of all Chevrolet vehicle problems and fixes. According to the RepairPal team, the Chevrolet Beretta costs, on average, about $392 to maintain. It, along with the Chevrolet brand as a whole, received a 3.5 out of 5 reliability rating.

2. Chevrolet Cavalier

Next up on this list is the Chevy Cavalier. RepairPal data suggests a failing turn signal switch is the most commonly reported issue. Overall, it will only cost about $362 to maintain a Cavalier annually.

3. Chevy Celebrity

If you’re looking for another Chevy model with low annual maintenance and repair costs, RepairPal says you should consider the Chevrolet Celebrity. This popular older model did suffer from reported fuel pump failures. Still, it will only set you back about $323 annually to keep it running.

4. Chevrolet Corsica

This RepairPal list of low-cost maintenance Chevy models continues with the wildly popular for its time, Chevrolet Corsica. Its most notable complaint involves an ignition coil and crankshaft position sensor failure. Annually, repairs and maintenance will only cost about $357.

5. Chevy G10

Remember the Chevy G10 van? This is another popular Chevrolet model that RepairPal says will cost less than $400 to keep going. With an annual cost of $375, it’s an affordable Chevy to maintain, despite the history of alternator problems.

6. Chevrolet Lumina

Ah, the Chevy Lumina. This car was another fan favorite of the 1990s, and it also happens to be on this RepairPal roster of under $400 annual maintenance. It’s estimated to only cost about $369 annually to repair and keep running. Of the 61 reported issues from Lumina owners, the most common problem is related to a coolant leak from the intake manifold gaskets.

7. Chevy Metro

If you find a Chevrolet Metro to buy, go for it! RepairPal says the annual repair costs are around $373. Aside from the front struts wearing out at 75,000 miles, it’s generally a reliable ride.

8. Chevrolet Prizm

The Chevy Prizm was a fuel-efficient gem for its time. While many owners complained about a failing mass air flow sensor and check engine lights, RepairPal says you can keep the Prizm in good running order for only about $381 annually.

9. Chevy Tracker

If you have your eye on a used Chevy Tracker, it will likely be a good buy. RepairPal says it will only cost $377 annually to repair and maintain it.

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