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Article Highlights:

  • Mansory built a carbon fiber moster out of an Audi RS6
  • This 1-of-1 Audi RS6 is literally priceless
  • This 820 hp RS6 could be the fastest wagon in the world

Mansory. To say the least, the German aftermarket manufacturer is almost universally viewed as being a little… excessive. And what says excess like a 591 hp Audi? Well, that’s what Mansory started with. The end result was an 820 hp 1-of-1 carbon fiber dipped Audi RS6 Avant monster built for someone with a whole lot of money. Love or hate this Audi RS6, we can say one thing for sure: it’s one hell of a statement.

The Mansory RS6 is a supercar in a wagon disguise

This car, quite frankly, is hilarious. The principle of the thing laughs in the face of everything people think about station wagons. Here in the U.S, wagons are sedate people haulers you sat in the back of on the way to Yellowstone as a kid. However, across the pond, the Europeans have been making fast wagons for decades. It started with the Audi RS2 Avant, and now Mansory has arguably taken the trend to its peak with the Audi RS6.

The German auto builder has gone to great lengths to make this Audi RS6 one of, if not the fastest, Audis on the planet. Heck, this Audi RS6 might be one of the fastest cars out there, full stop. Tuning company MTM handled the go-fast stuff, and Mansory was left to their own devices for the typically divisive styling. While the standard Audi RS6 isn’t exactly subtle, this takes it to another level.

How much is a 2021 Mansory Audi RS6?

The black Mansory badge, featured on a custom Audi RS6 shot up close from the front
Mansory means lots of power and lots of carbon fiber | Uli Deck via Getty Images

As for the how, as well as how much money, details on this 1-of-1 monster are scarce. Thankfully, MTM offers a full list of tuning programs on its website. However, we can only speculate as to what’s been done. Given the Audi RS6’s starting point of 591 hp, the brand’s “stage two” kit seems like the best bet here. Obviously, quite a lot of work goes into all this, and the list is extensive.

First, MTM modifies the factory ECU to produce more power, then moves on to feeding more air into the Audi RS6’s twin-turbo V8. That means a new intake box and filters, as well as a Milltek custom exhaust system to get all that station wagon power turned into noise. Then, Mansory took over for the rest. That means carbon bodywork, 22-inch wheels, and a fully redone interior. Obviously, this being a 1-of-1 Audi RS6, this example is practically priceless.

Love or hate the looks, this RS6 is special

Now, the looks of this Audi RS6 certainly aren’t something everyone is going to agree on. Frankly, this is one of Mansory’s more subtle creations. The brand’s Audi RS7, for example, is pretty garish. That said, the black carbon bodywork certainly helps tone things down a little. Honestly, that’s not something that can usually be said of carbon fiber bodywork. Regardless, we hope to see this Audi RS6 put to the test soon.


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