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Trucks are an essential component of the US economy. According to Truckinfo, over 15.5 million trucks operate in the US alone, with an estimated 2.9 million tractor trailers. Besides having such an extensive job pool, truck driving can also be lucrative. 

There is a high demand for truckers partially due to increased demand for moving goods. While becoming a truck driver can be relatively complex, it can be proportionally rewarding. Below are reasons becoming a truck driver could be right for you. 

1. Minimal ramp-up time

A group of people who decided on becoming a truck driver and their trucks.
A group of semi-trucks | Getty Images

The amount of time it takes for you to get hired and attain full productivity is low within the trucking industry. Unlike traditional jobs, the hiring, recruiting, and onboarding process for a truck driver is fast. You don’t have to spend considerable time learning about the sales process, completing product training, mastering sales tools, or getting initial coaching from managers. 

2. Job security

According to Trucking, truck driver shortages are a growing concern in the trucking industry. Due to this, professional truckers are in high demand, making this career even more promising. Due to the trucker shortage, you are almost assured of job security once hired.

3. Competitive pay

According to Talent, the average industry pay of $62,641 seems reasonable enough, but truckers can earn upwards of $100,000 employed or as owner-operators. Experience and getting extra training, such as hazmat or tanker certifications, and gaining experience, unlocks the potential to earn higher pay and more benefits.

4. Great benefits

In addition to the impressive and competitive pay, most entry-level truck drivers receive employee benefits. These include health and dental insurance. Fortunately, some companies go the extra mile to offer truckers retirement plans and referral bonuses. 

As a trucker, you can get paid time off. Employee benefits can also include a 401 (k) with a company match, and well-earned pay raises. Generally, these benefits differ depending on the employer and your position or skill level.

5. Travel and adventure

Becoming a truck driver could be right for you if you love to travel and adventure. Unlike typical office workers, truckers enjoy the convenience of working on the road while crossing multiple cities and attractions. Becoming a truck driver allows you to explore different territories while making your scheduled trips. 

6. Freedom and Flexibility

Trucking has flexible schedules, no lengthy meetings or being confined to an office, and etiquette. As a truck driver, you have the freedom to set your own schedule despite having to follow the fixed working hours. On the bright side, even the standard “working hours” for a trucker still allow flexibility over some aspects, such as your dress code. A trucker’s schedule enjoys some level of freedom absent in a traditional 9-5 job.

7. Be your own boss

Most people have trouble submitting to authority or being under someone’s control. While respecting authority is part of an employer’s expectations, trucking doesn’t subject you to a longer hierarchy or chain of authority. You can be your boss on the road without necessarily having your boss overlook your shoulders every few hours. 

8. The community

For most truck drivers, trucking is a lifestyle. It is a job that sets you apart from conventional jobs. As such, it requires you to interact or work with individuals who understand your daily experience as a trucker. 

Fortunately, truckers form a tight-knit community to support each other and share their unique experiences. Since the job involves you being on the road most of the time, you will most likely come across other truckers along the way who understand the nature of this trade and can help you cope easily. 

Becoming a truck driver is a highly rewarding venture. It is a career in its own right with all the necessary elements such as pay, benefits, etc. Ready to become a truck driver? Check out your the local recruiting firms to start your truck-driving career path. 

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