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Reliability is a big factor when choosing a car. Consumers want to know which cars are the least reliable so they know what to stay away from. This could be particularly important for shoppers looking for a car to drive for Uber or Lyft. Borrowing some overall reliability scores from Consumer Reports, we take a look at the least reliable cars and see which are the worst for ridesharing. 

Looking at a Tesla showroom from outside. It's brightly lit and there are 3 or 4 cars on display
Tesla Store | Xing Yun/Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

8. 2022 Tesla Model S: Reliability score of 60

Expected price range: $99,990 – $135,990

With a Consumer Reports predicted reliability score of 60, the Tesla S might last longer than some of the other cars on this list but is still one of the least reliable among sedans. The potential for expensive maintenance and repairs also makes this car a bit of a risk when driving for Uber or Lyft.

7. 2022 Volvo S90: Reliability score of 58

Expected price range: $52,850 – $62,050

Volvo has made a name for itself based on rugged durability, but the Volvo S90 sedan received a dismal reliability score of 58 from Consumer Reports. Combine that with a more-than-$50,000 price tag for a new car, and the Volvo S90 is a bad choice for a rideshare car.

6. 2022 Volvo S60: Reliability score of 57

Expected price range: $39,250 – $64,800

Ouch. Volvo sedans turn up twice on this list of the least reliable cars for Uber and Lyft. The Volvo S60 is an even worse choice than the Volvo S90, losing an additional point for a lack of reliability. Want a compact sedan for ridesharing? Try the Subaru Impreza or even the Nissan Sentra.

5. 2022 Mercedes-Benz CLA: Reliability score of 55

Expected price range: $38,200 – $55,900

The smooth, clean lines of a Mercedes CLA—beautiful to look at. You may feel cool rolling up to your fare’s destination in a car like that, but the CLA is one of the least reliable luxury cars on the list. 

4. 2022 Chevy Malibu: Reliability score of 55

Expected price range: $23,400 – $33,500

Tying with the Mercedes-Benz CLA, the Chevy Malibu is another unfortunately unreliable car. That’s a shame because an affordable starting price and strong name recognition could otherwise make the Malibu an excellent car for rideshare driving.

3. 2022 Kia Rio: Reliability score of 53

Expected price range: $16,250 – $17,190

The pint-sized Kia Rio nabs the #3 spot on the list of least reliable cars for Uber and Lyft driving. That means it’s not the worst choice you could make, but you’re still taking a risk on this sedan. 

2. 2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia: Reliability score of 50

Expected price range: $43,350 – $78,830

If you want to stand out on the app, you may be tempted to get a unique car like an Alfa Romeo for your rideshare driving. But, think twice before committing. The Giulia had the second-lowest predicted reliability score and would be one of the least reliable cars for Uber or Lyft. 

1. 2022 Kia Forte: Reliability score of 39

Expected price range: $19,090 – $24,490

Hands down, the Kia Forte is the least reliable car for Uber or Lyft driving, and one of the most unreliable cars in general. Its predicted reliability score was the lowest on Consumer Reports’ list of sedans, at just 39 out of 100. While that low price tag may be tempting, is it worth the risk with this kind of predicted reliability? You deserve more.

2022 Kia Forte, one of the least reliable cars for rideshare driving, parked in a city setting
2022 Kia Forte | Kia Media

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