8 Genius Ways To Save Money On Driving

The addition of a vehicle to your household means more money out of pocket. Hopefully, you did some shopping and found a good deal on a vehicle. Maybe you even budgeted for oil changes, wiper blade replacements, and other necessary maintenance that a vehicle will need during its lifetime. Assuming you’ve got that covered, there are ways to save money after the purchase during the vehicle’s lifespan. Eight ways you can save that you may not have thought about are below.

Save on fuel with fuel price apps

A fuel gauge on empty.
An empty fuel gauge | Peter Byrne – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Gas stations can have different prices from day to day, depending on the frequency of their truck deliveries. So, that’s where a fuel price app for your mobile phone will come in handy. Some of the apps are really simple to use. For example, you supply your zip code, and every gas station’s price will populate on a map for you. Other apps are more feature-rich and will let you sort by station brand or amenities like ATM, car wash, etc. A quick search on your mobile app store for a free gas app will turn up many possibilities. 

Save on tire costs by monitoring pressures and wear

Tires that are underinflated, or overinflated, will wear unevenly. Uneven wear on a tire means the vehicle’s handling will be compromised and will possibly lead to replacing tires early. So, spend $4 for a cheap tire gauge and check your pressures and tire wear often. 

Share a vehicle

Many people have transitioned to working from home. Consequently, many people are driving less. So, sharing a family vehicle may work in your household. But, keep in mind that working out vehicle sanitizing methods might be necessary to keep COVID concerns at bay. 

Save by staying under the lease mileage limitations

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If a vehicle is leased, then there will be mileage limitations associated with the lease. There will also be penalties for going over on mileage. Paying for each extra mile over the limit can get pricey. So, stay away from that as much as possible. 

Save by emptying the trunk

Extra weight in a vehicle means more gas consumption. The next tip to save money on driving is as simple as emptying your trunk of unnecessary clutter. Not only does emptying the trunk save on gas, but it also saves on the wear of the rear suspension components. 

Find less expensive insurance

Auto insurance will save you a lot of money if you end up in a wreck. However, do not be lulled to sleep with coverage from the same company your family has had for a generation. If you shop around you might find the same coverage level from another provider at a more attractive monthly rate. 

Save by turning the wrench

Car mechanic
03 March 2020, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart: A car mechanic changes the brake disc of a Range Rover Evoque in a garage. | Marijan Murat/picture alliance via Getty Images

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The reason many people go to the mechanic’s shop or the dealer is convenience. It is not because they can not figure out how to do something. Most people, given the time, can figure something out. However, a mechanic’s shop or the dealer is full of people that already know how to do repairs and can do it quickly with the right tools. But, if you are not averse to turning a wrench, and can learn from Youtube videos, then simple jobs may be worth doing on your own. Changing headlight bulbs, wiper blades, refilling fluids, and how to detail your car’s interior are all well documented on Youtube. 

Stay away from curbs, save lots of money

Some people may claim that curbs and wheels are magnetically attracted. Sadly, the people with those thoughts have probably experienced a situation where both the curb and the wheel made contact. Inevitably, such impacts leave the wheel with scrapes or a bend. Wheel scars can be eyesores. But, they are also costly because a wheel repair can sometimes cost as much as a new wheel. Additionally, if you lease your vehicle and turn it in with curb rash, you could very well be paying a financial penalty. Stay away from curbs and save money… and eyesores. 

Making the dollar last longer and ensuring your vehicle’s longevity should be the goals of every car shopper and maintenance guru. To that end, the tips above will help you find savings and enjoyment of your vehicle for longer periods of time between repairs. Of course, you could always stop driving altogether. But, that is a blasphemous thought to a car lover. Enjoy the ride and be safe!