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Before buying any used or new vehicle, you’ll want to consider the average cost of maintenance and repairs. Even if you’re a brand loyalist, buying only certain badges over others, you’ll still want to see the data supporting reliability, repair issues, and annual expenses. For example, if you’re in the Ford camp, this is a list of maintenance analytics you want to see.

Ford continues to be a leading American automaker. However, RepairPal assembled the data regarding reported Ford fixes and costs on used models. Eight Blue Oval models have average annual maintenance expenses of over $1,000. After reviewing this roster, your purchasing decision might be swayed.

1. Ford Crown Victoria

A line of Ford Crown Victoria models in a used car lot in Chicago, Illinois
Ford Crown Victoria models in a car lot | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Ford vehicles earn above-average reliability ratings with 3.5 out of 5, according to RepairPal metrics. While those details are reassuring, a few Ford models still cost more than $1,000 to repair or maintain annually. The once-popular Ford Crown Victoria is one such model. Expect to pay an average of $1,081 annually, per RepairPal data. The most common issue, according to Crown Vic owners, is an intake manifold crack that results in coolant leaking behind the alternator.

2. Ford E-150

If you’re considering a used Ford E-150, be prepared to pay an average of $1,070 annually in repairs and maintenance. RepairPal also suggests the most common reported issue for the E-150 is a rough running engine and spark plug dislodging.

3. Ford E-250

The Ford E-250 is on this over-$1,000 average repair list, too. Of course, your ownership experience may vary. However, many can expect to pay $1,156 annually in repairs to keep this van on the road. RepairPal data also points to common problems, like transmission fluid leaks and rough-running engines.

4. Ford E-350 Super Duty

If you’re looking for a formidable workhorse vehicle, consider a Ford E-350 Super Duty. These Ford models are capable, but you’ll also encounter common problems. RepairPal says the E-350 Super Duty models will experience misfires when plugs become dislodged, along with a rough running engine and a check engine light. On average, it will set you back $1,142 yearly to keep it running.

5. Ford F-250 Super Duty

When exploring the average annual cost of repairs and maintenance for a Ford F-250 Super Duty, prepare yourself for an estimated $1,241 in expenses. RepairPal also says of the 26 most commonly reported issues with these Ford vehicles, the coolant leaks from the radiator are the most prominent.

6. Ford F-350 Super Duty

The beefy Ford F-350 Super Duty is another popular workhorse among Blue Oval enthusiasts. However, RepairPal says it will cost you an annual repair expense of $1,295. You’ll likely encounter at least one of 24 commonly reported repairs, with the most common report being delamination of the diesel fuel tank.

7. Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

This police sedan continues to live on beyond life in the line of duty. If you’re planning on buying one, you should also know it will cost an average of $1,288 to keep it in running order. The RepairPal report outlines the few repairs you might expect, including PCV valve replacement, air conditioning refrigerant, and windshield washer fluid reservoir replacement.

8. Ford Police Interceptor Utility

For anyone looking to buy an aftermarket Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle, you should also prepare to spend over $1,000 to keep it going. RepairPal suggests the average annual repairs will cost roughly $1,160. Some repairs on the itemized price list include horn replacement, rack and pinion replacement, and suspension system inspection.

Before buying any used Ford vehicles on this list, expect to invest more than $1,000 yearly in repairs and maintenance. It’s always best to review the ownership data and specific vehicle history before investing in any of them.

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