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Tesla is still known as the primary brand of choice for EV buyers, but nowadays, there is more variety than ever. With so many luxury automakers producing electric sedans and SUVs, you don’t even have to settle for a cheaper brand. Here are eight Tesla Model S alternatives to consider.

1. Audi e-tron (Q4) 

The Model S is pretty expensive by luxury standards, retailing for over $88,000 on the Tesla website. In comparison, Audi sells the Q4 e-tron for just under $50,000. At 265 miles of range, it might be a little worrying compared to the Model S’s 405-mile range. However, the Q4 e-tron could be a better pick for families with its extra rear legroom.

2. BMW i4 

BMW sells the i4 in three flavors, including the new-for-2023 eDrive35. It’s priced at merely $52,000 and has 256 miles of range. The eDrive40 has 335 hp on tap and can be driven for 301 miles on a full battery. The BMW i4 M50 only has 270 miles of range but an impressive output of 536 hp. While still not as quick as the Tesla Model S, the i4 M50 can reportedly hit 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

3. Genesis Electrified G80 

A blue-green Genesis Electrified G80 luxury sedan/executive car model
Genesis Electrified G80 | Hyundai Motor Company

In an Edmunds recap, test drivers noted that the G80 doesn’t provide the thrilling performance many of its rivals offer. It also only has 13 cubic ft of cargo space in the trunk, and you can’t fold the seats down. However, Genesis gave this sedan a premium interior and 365 hp, so it should still appeal to drivers that don’t need too much storage space. Additionally, the all-electric Genesis G80 is nearly $10,000 cheaper than the new Tesla Model S.

4. Lucid Air 

Lucid claims that the most expensive Air models have over 1,200 hp and 516 miles of electric range. However, the Air Grand Touring starts at a whopping $138,000. Meanwhile, the Pure trim is similar to the Model S in terms of pricing, plus it offers 1 more mile of electric driving range. Additionally, some critics argue that the Lucid Air’s cabin has the superior design and construction between the two cars.

5. Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan

This compact luxury sedan starts at $74,900, and the available AMG model retails for over $106,000. The latter can’t match the Tesla Model S Plaid regarding horsepower and speed. However, any Mercedes-Benz EQE offers stunning interior quality and access to the intuitive MBUX infotainment system. The EQE 350+ trim also has the highest driving range, at approximately 305 miles.

6. Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan

The EQS is basically a bigger version of the EQE sedan, offering over 40 inches of legroom and 63 cubic ft of cargo space. Mercedes-Benz also says this sedan has a potential 350 miles of electric driving range. However, its asking price of $104,400 is hard to justify, especially compared to the Tesla Model S. The latter has 670 hp on tap, while the EQS 450+ has just 329 hp combined.

7. Polestar 2 

Polestar prices this sedan at just $48,400 to start, with the dual-motor trim starting at $51,900. The single-motor vision is noticeably slower than its rivals, but the AWD model can reach 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Despite both being “long-range” models, you can only drive for 260-270 miles on a full battery.

8. Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is slightly more expensive than the Tesla Model S, with some of its more costly variants encroaching $200,000. Porsche gave the base Taycan several driver-focused features, including a cockpit-style front seat and multi-function steering wheel. In contrast, the yoke-style steering wheel inside the Tesla Model S might look sporty, but its control layout is too disorganized. 

In terms of raw power, it’s hard for many luxury sedans to compete with the Tesla Model S. However, if you want a more well-rounded car in other areas, one of these other luxury EV options might be a better fit.

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