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Great Wall Motors is a huge automaker out of China. I’ve already reported on its compact pickup trucks with catchy names such as the Great Wall Wingle and King Kong Canon. It also builds SUVs such as the “Tank” under its Haval brand. Well it looks like GWM is getting into the motorcycle game. In a big way.

You might think of Chinese vehicles as compact affairs. But GWM is busting out of this mold with oversized rigs such as its trucks and SUVs. It is applying much the same formula to its first motorcycle. It appears GWM has benchmarked the Honda Goldwing, with its flat-six engine, and one-upped it in every way.

GWM revealed the first images of its motorcycle in an interesting way. GWM’s owner, billionaire Wei Jianjun posted a video about a completely different vehicle, but carefully positioned a motorcycle in the background. It is mostly covered, but an upturned corner of the cover shows a large red cruiser motorcycle.

If this wasn’t enough confirmation, Jianjun then posted an audio clip of a motorcycle engine. A little digging shows a GWM patent for a flat-eight engine. Unlike the Goldwing’s single cam design, the GWM motor uses two cams per head. And of course it also has eight cylinders. A ballpark calculation says it ups the Goldwing’s 1,833 cc displacement to about 2,000 cc.

Blueprint of a flat-eight motorcycle engine by Great Wall Motors
Flat-eight motorcycle engine patent | Great Wall Motors

Like the Goldwing, this GWM has a dual-clutch, semi-automatic transmission packaged beneath the engine to keep the powertrain shorter. The bike in the video even has front suspension very similar to the Goldwing’s Hossack-style girder fork. I wouldn’t be shocked if GWM actually reverse-engineered some Goldwing components on this bike. It’s “Wingle” did, after all, start life as a Toyota clone. But it has evolved in subsequent generations.

There may well be a similar model in production. Spy shots have shown a stripped-down GWM bike, though it still has the flat-eight engine. In Honda parlance, this would be the Rune.

So, would your ride a 2,000-cc eight-cylinder cruiser motorcycle made in China? Let’s hope it takes a page out of the King Kong Canon’s book with a dope name. Great Wall Motors Godzilla, perhaps?