710-HP 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat Gets Wrecked After 479 Miles

If you’ve been wanting a Dodge Durango Hellcat but couldn’t get one before they sold out, a new and unusual opportunity might’ve just popped up. That’s because one of these brand-new Hellcat SUVs just showed up at a Copart lot after getting wrecked. To make matters worse, this 710-hp family hauler covered just 479 miles before it met its maker.

According to Copart via Mopar Insiders, this SUV will likely live on after some serious repairs. In fact, the current bid for it sits at $56,000 despite a salvage title certification. With just a one-year production run, this might be your only way into the model.

How much does a Dodge Durango Hellcat cost?

An image of a crashed Dodge Durango Hellcat at a Copart lot.
Dodge Durango Hellcat | Copart

When the Dodge Durango Hellcat first went on sale, the plan was to build just 2,000 units thanks to a one-year production run. However, these SUVs sold out so fast that Dodge decided to extend the production run to accommodate customers that got left out.

The base price for this Hellcat SUV is $80,995. Load it up with options, however, and you’ll end up paying closer to $100,000. Despite this high purchase price, this hasn’t stopped dealerships from asking ridiculous sums for this limited model. In fact, the most expensive example listed on Autotrader costs $128,400.

Back to the auction, while a current bid of $56,000 seems a bit crazy for a wrecked Dodge Durango Hellcat, it may be the cheapest way into this SUV. Thankfully, since plenty of Durangos out there, getting most of the structural components needed to fix this SUV up won’t be too expensive. For now, only time will tell how close it’ll sell to its original MSRP.

This one crashed with just 479 miles on the clock

An image of a crashed Dodge Durango Hellcat at a Copart lot.
Dodge Durango Hellcat | Copart

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Since there are no official reports surrounding this Dodge Durango Hellcat crash, we’ll have to put on our detective hats and assume what might’ve happened here. For starters, we’ve got severe damage to the front driver’s side. So much so that the front wheel and suspension have been completely ripped off.

From there, the damage continues across the front fenders and two doors. Everything ends with the rear quarter panel and wheel. Additionally, the entire rear suspension appears to be collapsed as well. As a result, we can assume that the Durango driver likely stuck a car from behind despite attempting to avoiding it.

How fast is the Dodge Durango Hellcat?

An image of a crashed Dodge Durango Hellcat at a Copart lot.
Dodge Durango Hellcat | Copart

It wouldn’t be at all surprising if an investigation determined that speed played a major factor in this crash. That’s because the Dodge Durango Hellcat houses a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 under its hood. In total, it produces 710-hp. All of that power goes to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The result? a family hauler that can reach 60 mph in around 3.5 seconds and continue to a top speed of 180 mph. What makes these stats most impressive is that this SUV tips the scales at over 5,700 lb.