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Using an RV can be fun, but everyone still needs to eat. Some adventurers can get by with a microwave or a hotplate in their RV kitchen, while others prefer more elaborate meals. Here are seven ways to maximize your RV kitchen.

1. Organization is key to efficiency in an RV kitchen

RV kitchen
RV kitchen | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

How you organize your RV kitchen can save space and make it more efficient. For instance, placing everyday items and foods in easy-to-access areas can help you cook more efficiently, thus saving time and reducing stress. A well-organized space can also prevent you from rummaging through your RV, which could lead to accidents. 

2. Use the walls

Another good tip is to make use of the walls. The amount of wall space and the quality of those walls will depend on the RV, but it’s easy for owners to use their wall space. A magnetic spice rack is an easy way to organize an RV kitchen and save space by putting spice bottles on the walls. Wall hooks are another cheap and easy option, according to RV Lifestyle.

3. Appliances can pull a lot of weight in an RV kitchen

Just like at home, appliances in an RV kitchen can be helpful. They’re not a necessity, but they can spruce up meals, especially if you opt for an air fryer, instant pot, or another small multifunction appliance. However, adding more devices will increase an RV’s power usage, so you’ll have to pay attention to and manage them.

4. A paper towel holder saves counter space

Another simple way to make the most out of an RV kitchen is using space vertically. One way you can do that is by mounting a paper towel holder on the bottom of a cabinet. That way, people can easily access paper towels, and the roll won’t take up counter space. Then you’ll have counter space for other items and activities.

5. Create vertical space in your RV kitchen

There are other great ways to use vertical space, and one is by creating it yourself. For example, cabinet shelf racks and magazine holders are two good options for creating vertical space in your RV kitchen. These items can be cheap, and they’ll let you place items atop one another without having to stack them. 

6. Use small-space-friendly cookware, dinnerware, and utensils

In addition, you can make the most out of your RV kitchen by equipping it with smaller household items. For instance, smaller cookware is ideal, but so is anything foldable. That applies to all kitchen equipment, such as utensils. Some options are smaller than average or have multiple uses, thus lowering the number of items cluttering your space.

7. Collapsible or stackable items are ideal in an RV kitchen

Because organization is essential to making the most of an RV kitchen, using collapsible or stackable items is a good idea too. Examples are collapsible colanders and stackable bowls. You can save even more space by getting stackable oven-safe vessels with lids for prepping, baking, serving, and storage. Furthermore, you can store those vessels in the oven to save cabinet space. Just remember to remove them before turning on the stove.


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