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Ever since its redesign a couple of years ago, the Honda Accord has done well to impress auto critics and car buyers alike. With its elegant styling inside and out, a lengthy list of tech-savvy features, and affordable price, the Accord has proven why it deserves its place among the top contenders in the mid-size sedan segment.

That’s also the reason why many mid-size sedan buyers have chosen the 2021 Honda Accord as their go-to means of transportation. It’s not only affordable but it’s also filled with many different features that buyers may not know about. Here are seven tricks on the Accord that the dealer may not make you aware of.

The hidden “developer options” menu

2021 Honda Accord Developer Mode
2021 Honda Accord Developer Mode | Joe Santos

The “developer options” menu allows the Honda Accord owner to access more customizable options and diagnostics within the infotainment interface. While there aren’t many Accord owners who will use the extra features, there are some tech-savvy individuals that will be happy they can access this hidden menu.

In order to gain access to the developer menu, you’ll need to press the “settings” button on the infotainment home screen, then press “system.” After that, click on the “about” section and scroll down to “build number.” Start tapping the “build number” section seven times, after which, you’ll be to access the “developer options” menu.

Automatic parking brake release

2021 Honda Accord Parking Brake
2021 Honda Accord Parking Brake | Honda

Every 2021 Accord is equipped with an electronic parking brake, which is operated via a switch on the center console. In most cars, you have to remember to flip the switch before driving to release the parking brake. However, in the Accord, the parking brake will automatically release when you start to drive.

Walk-away auto locking

2021 Honda Accord Walk Away Auto Lock Screen
2021 Honda Accord Walk Away Auto Lock Screen | Joe Santos

Have you ever gotten to your destination and then wondered if you locked your car after walking away from it? Fortunately, with the 2021 Accord, you won’t have to worry. The Accord has a “walk-away auto-lock” feature that automatically locks the doors when you’re five feet away from the car.

In order to enable it, you can select “settings” from the home screen, then select “vehicle.” After that, select “door and window” and then scroll to the bottom of the screen to “walk away auto lock.” It’s set to “off” by default, so now you turn switch it to “on” and never have to worry if the doors are locked.

Turning off the daytime running lights

2021 Honda Accord Daytime Running Lights
2021 Honda Accord Daytime Running Lights | Joe Santos

The Accord’s daytime running lights are always on as a safety measure. However, there may be times when you want to shut them off. In order to do so, you can first enable the parking brake and then shut the car off. When you turn the car back on, the daytime running lights will be off until you toggle the headlights on again.

You can customize the tachometer

One of the 2021 Accord’s most tech-savvy features is its digital dash display, more specifically, the tachometer portion of it. With the push of a button on the steering wheel, the driver can toggle between different menus in that tachometer section. However, when doing so, the tachometer disappears.

If you want it to appear again, you can select “settings” and then “vehicle.” Then go to “meter setup” and scroll to and click “tachometer” and turn it on. After doing that, you’ll be able to see the tachometer when scrolling through different menus.

There are hidden screens

2021 Honda Accord Self-Diagnosis Screen
2021 Honda Accord Self-Diagnosis Screen | Joe Santos

If you want access to more hidden screens and features in your 2021 Accord, then you can hold down the “source, “volume,” and “home” buttons all at the same time. Doing so for a few second will toggle a white and orange screen in which you go into a “self-diagnosis mode” or a detailed information section. In the information section, you’ll find more menus that allow for more customization on your Accord.

Secret trunk release

2021 Honda Accord trunk key slo
2021 Honda Accord trunk key slot | Joe Santos

Finally, if your Honda Accord happens to have a dead battery, then you won’t be able to get into it using the remote. Fortunately, you can pull a backup physical key out of the remote fob and open up the doors.

But how do you open the trunk? That key latch is actually on the decklid behind the rear seats. It’s a bit of stretch to get to it, but when you unlock it with the key, the trunk will pop open.


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