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Blend the Dodge imagination with the power of a pickup truck and let the fun begin. Some of the special edition Dodge trucks looked like Hot Wheels trucks come to life, which was the intention of the designers. The “toy trucks for the street” made by Dodge gave us a new twist on the fun and style of a truck. Adding a bit of Mopar goodness never hurt, bringing a bit more of the fun to the market.

The 1976 Dodge Warlock got the special edition trucks started

The Dodge Warlock was one of the first special edition Dodge trucks offered
Dodge Warlock | Wiki Commons

The first of the unique Dodge pickups was the 1976 Warlock. This truck offered a short-wheelbase and came in the 2WD D100 model or the 4WD W100 version. The Warlock was sporty with its bucket seats and chrome-plated running boards. The interior was black, and gold pin striping on the hood, tailgate, and sides was a signature look for this Dodge truck.

You might know the Dodge Lil Red Express

The Dodge Lil Red Express was a pretty cool pickup
Dodge Lil Red Express | Shutterstock

Some people have seen this truck and know how cook it was. The Lil Red Express arrived in 1978 and showed off hot rod style in truck form. This truck was powerful and fun in its D150 half-ton pickup build with a massive 360-cubic inch V8 engine. Of course, the Lil Red Express was only offered in bright red, hence the name.

No holds barred with the 1978 Ram Macho Power Wagon

The Dodge Ram Macho Power Wagon could go anywhere
Dodge Ram Macho Power Wagon | Shutterstock

This truck was meant for manly men, but women who wanted the rugged power were also welcome. The Macho Power Wagon was built for toughness among the special edition Dodge trucks. This big truck was based on the W100 Sweptline and came in short and long-bed versions. This was one of the first trucks to come with a factory-installed roll bar, giving it an even more macho feeling.

The Dodge Ram 1500 Rumble Bee showed up in 2004

Ram 1500 Rumble Bee
Ram 1500 Rumble Bee | Wiki Commons

Take a truck and let it pay tribute to the Mopar muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s, and what do you have? The Rumble Bee is the answer. This truck brought Hemi power to the mix with a yellow shell and offsetting black accents. The Super Bee cargo logo found its way to the rear sides of this unique pickup.

The Mossy Oak was one of the most useful special edition Dodge trucks

The Ram 1500 Mossy Oak was made for the outdoor enthusiast
Ram 1500 Mossy Oak | Shutterstock

The Mossy Oak Ram 1500 came to the market in 2014, offering a signature look with camouflage on the bottom part of the doors. This was a second take on the original 2011 version of this unique outdoor pickup. The camo theme made its way to the interior of this truck, giving outdoor enthusiasts a look they admired. The Mossy Oak used the Outdoorsman trim level and in the 4×4 Crew Cab version.

The 2015 Ignition Orange Ram 1500 Sport was a limited model

This Ram 1500 Ignition Orange was a rare and interesting truck
Ram 1500 Ignition Orange | Wiki Commons

The Ignition Orange Ram was truly one of the special edition Dodge trucks. Only 1000 of these trucks existed for the 2015 model year. Flat black paint stripes offset the orange color on the hood and a set of 20-inch black alloy wheels. The cabin also showed off black leather upholstery with orange stitching. You might not love orange, but this truck will catch your eye if you ever see one.

The 2016 Mopar Ram Rebel 1500 was hard to catch

Mopar Ram Rebel
Mopar Ram Rebel | Shutterstock

In true rebel fashion, the 2016 Mopar Ram Rebel was unique, rare, and hard to catch. Only 500 models of this truck were created. This was the first time the Mopar team built a special edition truck. This impressive machine came with off-road wheel flares, 17-inch satin black alloys, and two-tone paint color.

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This article was updated on 8/19/2022.


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