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Spring and summer will be here soon, and you know what that means: RV season. Campers and other recreational vehicles have become increasingly popular. They’re a great way to see the country, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy nature. But traveling by RV doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it. Check out these seven RV tech upgrades to make cruising more comfortable.

1. RV power boost

Most RV’ing enthusiasts will say the one area of improvement they’re looking to boost is the power supply. It’s worth looking into the various tech upgrades you’ll need to keep your gadgets and vehicle running. For example, today’s batteries are more efficient and equipped with features that help prolong usage and preserve energy. In addition, solar panels allow you to stay off-grid even longer than before. One RV built with tech upgrades is the Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX, a travel trailer that allows up to five days of off-grid living.

2. Sleeping and storage upgrades

RV tech upgrades
An RV interior, including a bed, sink, and storage cabinets | James MacDonald/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Probably the second most common area of improvement campers describe involves cramped storage and living space. There isn’t a lot of room, even in a large RV. But thoughtful sleeping and storage upgrades are worth adding to your to-do list this camping season. They include Murphy beds, convertible dinettes, and power-lift beds that create space-saving solutions.

3. App-based digital home controls

The digital app-based tools you use to control your home features are now available for RVs. Consider upgrading your motorhome with some of the latest digital apps, from locking mechanisms to thermostat controls. Depending on your RV model, you might even have options to use your mobile device to manage battery power, tire pressure, and other details. In addition, Camp Addict demonstrates how easy and convenient it is to incorporate Amazon Alexa home automation into your RV.

4. Modernize your RV kitchen

No matter where you travel in your RV, you’ll need to prepare food on the go. And today’s RV kitchens are advanced, just as your home kitchen might be. Consider looking into some of the latest RV kitchen upgrades, including deeper sinks, energy-efficient appliances, and induction cooktops.

5. Entertainment upgrades

Not all of your RV adventures will involve outdoor activities. And on those cold mornings or rainy evenings, you’ll want to equip your camper with some of the latest entertainment-related upgrades. Consider exploring new TV packages to enjoy a cozy movie night. Or explore modern seating options, with heated, massaging, and reclining chairs, to transform your RV living space into a more traditional living room feel.

6. Accessibility features

Another way to incorporate RV tech upgrades is to improve your rig’s accessibility. According to Winnebago, features such as wheelchair lifts and roll-in showers will make traveling easier for wheelchair users.

7. Warm and toasty RV tech upgrades

Even when RV’ing in the summer, you can expect cold and chilly nights in many areas of the country. But you don’t have to pack an arsenal of blankets. Instead, consider RV tech upgrades for heating and preserving warmth. You can find the most efficient heating systems for your RV, from improved insulation materials to on-demand hot-water heaters.


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