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Whether you are taking a plunge into the used car market for the first time or have always preferred second-hand cars, buying a used Ford has benefits. Purchasing a new car can be thrilling but expensive, which is why buying used cars is becoming popular.

If you still feel that settling for a used car is a less impressive choice, here are seven reasons why buying a used Ford vehicle is a good idea.

1. Used Fords offer many options to choose from

Ford logo at a Ford dealership where you can potentially buy a used Ford.
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According to Homer Skelton and Millington Ford, one of the benefits of buying a pre-owned Ford car or truck from an established brand like Ford is the existence of numerous options and models from previous years to choose from. Whether you are looking for a family car, an SUV for the summer, or a truck for work, you’ll get great choices in the inventory.

When buying a used Ford, it is easy to get the best set of features that suit your needs in your desired model. This is because you know the history and the exact engineering qualities of all the models sold over the years. For example, if you want a Ford model from 2014 because of certain features like styling, you can examine all available choices for that particular model.

2. Monetary saving

Ideally, most people mainly opt for used cars to save money. New cars are expensive, and buying a used car can help you save money while getting the car you want. Why would you buy a new Ford when you can get an older similar vehicle in good condition at a lower price?

Used Ford cars are much cheaper than new ones. Depending on where you shop, you can buy a used Ford car or truck at almost half the price of a new one. A pre-owned car that is 2 to 3 years old is not only cheaper but often in good condition and able to serve you just like a new car.

3. Fords are reliable

One of the main advantages of buying a used car built by Ford is longevity. So, if you are worried that your used car will be one foot away from the grave as soon as you start using it, you can rest assured that Ford builds cars, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles to last.

Modern Fords vehicles are built with a minimum lifespan of 250,000 miles, a significant improvement from the last 100,000 miles. So, you can rest assured your pre-owned Ford vehicle will last longer as long as you follow the maintenance schedule outlined in your Ford Owner’s manual.

4. They come with lower insurance rates

Purchasing a pre-owned Ford will significantly reduce your insurance premiums because the vehicle’s value greatly determines your insurance rates. According to Forbes, since second-hand cars are not worth as much as new ones, you will benefit from lower insurance costs by purchasing a used Ford.

5. They are customizable

Another reason to go for a used car instead of a new vehicle? You won’t have to pay for unnecessary extra features you don’t need. Brand-new cars come with additional perks like protective film or a pinstripe, which most people may not opt for if given a chance.

While you may not get all the features or perks you need in your pre-owned Ford car when you buy it, additional features can be installed by the after-market installers. Therefore, you can identify the model with most of the features you need and customize it using the available accessories.

6. You can avoid the biggest depreciation hit

New cars depreciate rapidly immediately after you drive them off the forecourt. Even if you only drive your new car home from the shop and do not use it, a buyer will not pay the same price if you decide to sell it.

However, when you buy a used Ford car at the pre-owned car price, you will avoid bearing the cost of the initial phase of depreciation, which is so quick. Even though a 2 to 3-year-old Ford vehicle still depreciates, the rate is way lower than the first year of owning a new version of the same model.

7. Quality guarantees


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According to Homer Skelton Millington Ford, buying a Ford-certified pre-owned vehicle, rest assured that the car will be well-inspected by the certifying authority. The professional dealer will check to ensure the car works perfectly before the sale. The dealer will extend the required warranties as assurance that your used car is in good condition.

It goes without saying that due diligence is key when buying a used car. Even when acquiring a vehicle with a good history of reliability like Ford, you must ensure to work with professional dealers.