7 New Teslas (Allegedly) Coming Soon

With the gang of EVs preparing to try to unseat Tesla, the EV manufacturer isn’t sitting on its hands. Over the next two years, it has an ambitious calendar of releases planned, and some updates said to be coming for current models according to Automotive News. Here’s what to expect from Teslas’ throne:

Small Tesla EV

On numerous occasions, Tesla founder Elon Musk has said he wants to have a small vehicle around 2021. He says the target price will be around $25,000. 

Model S

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S | Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

This is the seven-seat, three-row Plaid version of the Model S. It is scheduled for late 2020. The current Model S will be redesigned by 2022.

New Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster Concept
Tesla Roadster Concept | Tesla

Tesla’s first vehicle was a roadster, and it plans on producing another by late 2020. This will be a four-seat sports car. Target price is said to be around $200,000, but the first 1,000 produced will be part of the “Founders Series” and premium-priced at $250,000. Zero-to-60 mph time is said to be 1.9 seconds. Musk has said the roadster’s range will be 620 miles with a top speed of 250 mph.

Model Y

Built on the same platform as the Model 3 this a crossover with a range of 300 miles. The target price will be around $47,000 with an additional $3,000 for a seven-seat version. Later in 2021, a lower-priced Model Y will also be available with a 230-mile range. This is expected to be manufactured at Tesla’s facility in Fremont, California.

Model X

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X | IJG JPEG Library

Tesla’s current crossover will receive “minor ongoing changes” according to Musk. The interior will also be changed. The Model X will be completely redesigned by 2023. 

Tesla Pickup

Tesla Pickup Truck
Tesla Pickup Truck Concept | Tesla

Musk has promised to reveal Tesla’s plans for its pickup before the end of this year. Production is slated to begin in 2022. In the past Musk has said the pickup will have a range of 500 miles with a towing capacity of 300,000 lbs. Yes, no typo, 300,000 lbs. 

Tesla Semi-Truck

Tesla Semi Truck
Tesla Semi Truck | Tesla

This was to debut this year having been announced in 2017. As no production facility has been determined we’ll now assume production won’t begin until 2021 at the earliest. Musk’s ambitious production target is 100,000 trucks a year. Two ranges will be available; a 300-mile range version at $150,000, and a 500-mile version priced at $180,000. 

While all of these new models and redesigns look very promising we also must remember that Tesla has missed almost every target date and target price. So while this information is the best available at the moment, it cannot be set in stone.

Tesla Gigifactory|Tesla
Tesla Gigifactory|Tesla

Another indication of when some of these new models will get built is when manufacturing facilities are actually set. Tesla’s Fremont, California plant is almost to capacity, so other facilities will have to become available or be built before many of the future models planned will be available. 

Still, Tesla has pulled off what seemed to be impossible to the extent that the established auto manufacturers are scrambling to match Tesla’s products. We should never underestimate Tesla’s momentum and capabilities.