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You may have noticed a handful of cars named after animals. You have probably seen some, such as the AMC Eagle, Chevy Impala, or VW Rabbit, meandering around town. Interestingly, many of the animal-themed cars have been canceled through the years. Which ones are left? Here are seven American cars you can still buy named after animals. 

1. Dodge Charger

A Dodge Charger parked indoors
Dodge Charger | Getty Images

According to The News Wheel, a Charger is a horse trained for battle, and that name is appropriate for a car with plenty of horsepower. The Charger is a full-size muscle car, a performance sedan. It is known for its amount of horsepower and torque. 

It is no surprise that Dodge Charger drivers have a reputation for being pulled over for speeding tickets. This sedan can top out at 203 mph on the highway. Several engine choices range from a 3.6 liter V6 with 300 hp to a 6.4 liter V8 with 485 hp. If that’s not enough, you can splurge for the 6.2-liter V8 with 707 hp. With engines like that, it is no wonder drivers want to open the car up and see what it’s capable of on the highway, much to the chagrin of those handing out speeding tickets. 

2. Dodge Hornet 

It’s a good thing that people are not scared away by the name of this car. The Dodge Hornet has the perfect name because it captures the power of a powerful sting, just like its namesake. 

The Dodge Hornet is a compact utility vehicle full of electric and hybrid power. While the real hornet is anything but luxurious, the Dodge Hornet will provide plenty of comfort for its driver and passengers. You can expect a smooth ride and a quiet interior. 

3. Ford Bronco 

The Ford Bronco entered the forefront of American minds on June 17, 1994. The Bronco became famous when a white Bronco driven by OJ Simpson engaged in a cop chase for 60 miles. According to Way, this car chase was televised worldwide, and as many as 95 million Americans watched it on their TVs. 

The Bronco was once America’s favorite mid-sized SUV. It was named after a bucking horse or a bucking bronco. The name is appropriate because the Bronco can compete well with other utilitarian, off-roader-type vehicles. 

4. Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick is named after unbranded range animals. You can also look in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and see that Maverick means “an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party.” 

This speaks to the general demographic that Ford targets for the Maverick. People want to stand out from the crowd and do what’s best for themselves, not the group. These want to walk away from standard pickups for multiple reasons and choose to drive this hybrid pickup truck

5. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang could be the best-known of these animal-themed cars. This two-door coupe has been around since the 1960s. 

Some people argue that the Mustang got its name from the P-51 Mustang fighter plane from the WWII era. Others, on the other hand, argue it is named after the first horses brought to the US from Spain as early as the 16th century. 

6. Porsche Macan 

Porsche is a well-respected provider of high-performance cars, but many of its models are not affordable for most people. There is now a “more affordable” Porsche compact luxury SUV, the Macan

The 2023 Macan, Indonesian for tiger, is ranked as the best small luxury SUV by Car and Driver. The publication said that the “Handling is crisp, and all Macan models provide a joyful driving demeanor that even the most hardened SUV detractors will appreciate.”

7. Volkswagen Tiguan 

The Volkswagon Tiguan interestingly got its name from combining “tiger” and “iguana. 

The Tiguan is a high-volume and a third-row SUV. You can sit between five and seven people. You can enjoy the power of a truck with the comfort of an SUV. It even made a list of the 10 best vehicles for towing that aren’t trucks


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