7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Overlanding Dads

Father’s Day is around the corner. But there is still time to get your favorite overlanding dad a gift for his adventuring trips. Here is a list of seven things that overlanders need, but don’t always have. They are listed in no particular order.

2020 Lexus 460 GX Overland luxury camping concept | Lexus-0
2020 Lexus 460 GX Overland luxury camping concept | Lexus

1. Winch Recovery Kit

winch recovery kit is a necessity even if the vehicle dad chooses to go on an overland trip has a winch or not. The truth is, vehicles sometimes get stuck. That is real life. A recovery kit permits easy hook up from dad’s own winch, or to a winch a buddy has on another vehicle. A good recovery kit will have a tow rope or strap rated for way beyond the weight of the vehicle. Think 20,000 lbs or more.

2. Emergency Kit

Nobody likes getting hurt. But if dad has an emergency kit handy, it makes being hurt a little more tolerable. Good emergency kits can be found just about anywhere. But, if you prefer, you can hodgepodge a kit together from other kits. In either case, emergency kits don’t replace a call to 911. 

Toyota Tacoma at River Road Rally Park
Toyota Tacoma at River Road Rally Park | TommyGun Motorsports

3. Fire Starters

Dad may need to start a campfire for the night or to boil water for his coffee at some point in his overlanding adventure. In either case, dad is going to need to start a fire. Rubbing sticks together is laborious. A good fire starter will cut the effort down dramatically. Work smarter, not harder. 

4. Fire Extinguisher

If a campfire fire gets out of hand, or a part in the overlanding vehicle catches fire, but a handy vehicle fire extinguisher might be able to put it out quickly if the water is not nearby. But, please encourage dad to follow campfire guidelines.

A lifted Ford Excursion on a dirt road during an overlanding trip
Lifted Excursion for overlanding projects | Photo by Chris Cordes

5. Heavy Duty Camping Chair

A cheap accordion chair will serve its purpose only briefly. It does not take long for the material to wear out or poles to collapse. A heavy-duty camping chair will last longer and be able to handle larger dad’s too.  

6. Satellite Messenger

Cellular service is not always available when dad is out overlanding. That is where a satellite messenger device can be handy for dad. He will still be able to communicate with one these devices to check in with the family, or sports scores.

A pic of the front passenger side of a black van that received an overlanding conversion
An overlanding conversion of a Nissan NV 3500 van | TFLTruck

Nissan 4×4 Van Is Ready For Overlanding Straight Out Of The Dealer

7. Extra set of gloves

An extra set of gloves is always helpful when overlanding. Eventually, the first set goes missing or gets worn out. So, having an extra pair stuffed in a cubby hole in the vehicle will be welcomed by dad.

The seven gifts mentioned above are good common sense things that dad should have available to him for any overlanding trip. Dad likes to think he is macho and can take care of everything without help. But these items show him that you are concerned about his safety, and want him to enjoy his time, instead of toil at it. Besides, we want dad to come back relaxed, not exhausted, and torn up. You can also check out other gift ideas on Motorbiscuit by clicking here.