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What could be better than a customized Ford Mustang? Well, if you answered a slice of Pizza, we’ve got excellent news for you. If you’re an enthusiast of convenience store snacks, pizza, Mustangs, and, most importantly, Slurpees, you’re not going to want to miss this contest.

Snack-inspired Mustang is a dream come true

Model 711 Ford Mustang parked in 7-Eleven gas station parking lot
Model 711 Ford Mustang | 7-Eleven, Inc

A recent 7-Eleven press release fully unveiled the “Model 711” Ford Mustang. 7-Eleven has been steering heavily (no pun intended) into its car enthusiast customer base. The company’s Instagram account is full of customized cars parked in 7-Eleven parking lots. Now, they’re giving one away.

The Mustang Model 711 actually saw involvement from car enthusiast 7-Eleven fans, too.

“We had hundreds of thousands of 7‑Eleven car fanatics and customers interact with the voting of customization elements for the Model 711 – and now one lucky customer still has a chance to win these unbelievable wheels,” said Marissa Jarratt, Executive Vice President, and Chief Marketing Officer at 7‑Eleven.

The Mustang wears a classic racing-style livery bearing the 7-Eleven colors and pridefully says “Built for Speed and Snacks” on the rear quarter panel. It’s also on a set of green wheels to tie the whole livery together.

7-Eleven Ford Mustang Model 711 Interior Cupholder with Pizza holder and Slurpee shaped gear shifter
The Pizza holder and Slurpee shifter | 7-Eleven, Inc

The inside, however, is where the real show is. The Model 711 Mustang has a set of custom leather seats with inserts that resemble retro-style sunset art. It also features a shifter shaped like the iconic Slurpee and an air freshener that smells like 7-Eleven coffee. Best of all, though, it has a custom cupholder insert explicitly designed for carrying a slice of pizza.

This was no thrown-together job, either. The Model 711 Mustang was built by iconic automotive custom and restoration shop Galpin Auto Sports in Los Angeles, California. Galpin is famous for its association with custom and high-end cars. The company also does business with celebrities like Jay Leno.

How do you enter to win the Model 711 Mustang?

Custom leather seats inside Ford Mustang Model 711 custom 7-Eleven Sweepstakes car
Custom leather seats | 7-Eleven, Inc

Those wishing to enter the win the Mustang can do so by purchasing any participating products from a 7-Eleven, Speedway, or Stripes location. Participating brands include Mountain Dew, Trolli candy, Doritos, Butterfinger, and Red Bull.

Of course, purchasing a Slurpee, Pizza, or virtually any other 7-Eleven branded product also entitles you to an entry into the sweepstakes. Additionally, you can see the full list of qualifying products on the sweepstakes’ official website.

It’s easy for big brands to try to make a connecting with a niche part of its customer base and miss entirely. However, this is undoubtedly a big win for 7-Eleven. Not only embracing its car-loving fan base but involving them in the design and development of this Mustang is brilliant marketing. Best of all, it helped keep the car from getting too over the top. Honestly, the retro design is top-notch!

So, shoot on over to your nearest 7-Eleven location and treat yourself to something nice. Who knows, you might walk out with a slice of pizza and soon have a Mustang with a special spot just for it. You’d best hurry up, though; the sweepstakes entry period ends on May 24th, 2022.


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