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The market for electric vehicles is ever-growing and evolving, with automakers constantly looking to make the next big advancement. This constant innovation makes buying a new EV an exciting experience. You cannot only choose a modern car but, in many cases, something that offers you a remarkable driving experience. If you want to create an even more exciting drive, there are now a handful of different upgrades to crank up your EV performance.

The upgrades are just starting

Performance upgrades are just starting to trickle out for EVs, and in many ways, this is just the start. As this market advances, there will be an outstanding chance for improvement and performance upgrades to make these models even more special. But, for now, there are a few great options that can make your driving experience more exciting.

Whether you are looking for performance upgrades, handling upgrades, or anything in between, there are a few options you will undoubtedly want to consider.

Grab ahold of the wheel and enjoy the ride

the interior of a 2022 tesla model 3, upgrade the steering wheel for a more unique feeling
Interior of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

If you drive a Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, or Tesla Model Y, you may not completely love the steering wheel. The steering wheel is thick and round, too much so for some drivers. Luckily, Holley offers a sporty replacement steering wheel from Rekudo. This steering wheel utilizes a flat-bottom design, carbon fiber, and leather to give you a better feeling from behind the wheel.

Get a tighter and more direct handling experience

tesla model 3 driving on a winter road, utilize unique suspension parts for more complete handling and control
Tesla Model 3 driving in the winter | Tesla

For drivers of a Tesla Model 3, there is no debate that the stock suspension is refined and comfortable. But, if you’d like to experience an even more direct driving experience, you can look at upgrading the suspension components. You can choose a lowering spring kit, an upgraded sway bar kit, or both. In either event, you will feel more in control on the road and track.

Give your Tesla a unique look

a red 2022 tesla model 3, help it stand out with unique aftermarket wheels
2022 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Again, Tesla Model 3 drivers have the chance to make their EV even more special thanks to the wheel manufacturer Halibrand. Halibrand is ready to offer drivers unique wheels that are lighter, stronger, and look pretty impressive.

Choose a Stealth Drive Motor for added power

Enthusiasts are always looking for ways to squeak out extra power. Thanks to the Stealth Drive Motor, you can get that extra performance you have been desperately searching for. This company is located in San Diego, CA, and offers shoppers a compact solution for a more powerful electric car. This motor can produce as much as 500 horsepower with integrated cooling systems and high torque capacity. 

Consider a new engine control module

the aem vcu 300 ev control unit, a new part that can help to optimize your ev performance
AEM VCU 300 EV Control Unit | AEM

Another way to optimize your EV’s performance for more excitement is to add an aftermarket engine control module. The engine control module is responsible for controlling everything related to your EVs motors and batteries to make sure they will work to the highest levels. If you choose one, the AEM EV VCU 300 EV Control Unit or the lower-cost VCU200 controller. These units can handle power distribution, charging, throttle management, battery management, thermals, regenerative braking, and numerous other functions.

Complete an entire electric motor swap

One of the most popular ways for enthusiasts to get more power and performance is to swap engines. There are many popular options with incredible benefits to the performance. For EV drivers, this is a more complicated and time-intensive process. But this is the way to go if you want the most impressive performance. Thanks to the Legacy EV Revolt Crate Motor, Sport, you can quickly get the added EV performance you have been searching for.

Two other options are on the way

a 2021 volkswagen id4 with upgraded suspension, upgraded suspension should soon be widely available for electric vehicles
Off-road tuned Volkswagen ID4 with upgraded suspension | Volkswagen

Drivers of electric vehicles have a few great options for added performance, but there are more on the way. For Porsche Taycan drivers, in particular, Porsche is putting out new 21-inch rims and upgraded suspension pieces. 

Those upgrades are not yet available, but when they become available, the new wheels will be just 21-pounds and offer a reduction in rolling and unsprung mass. This reduction can have considerable benefits to the range and performance. Finally, the suspension upgrades can lower your car by about an inch and should add some excellent performance.

Finally, for drivers who drive an electric SUV, there are lift kits that will become available shortly. This potential upgrade can add a few inches to your SUV, which will surely affect your range but could add some much-needed capability.

The Holley High Voltage Experience brought some exciting advancements

a 2021 porsche taycan, an outstanding ev that could soon benefit from the aftermarket suspension
2021 Porsche Taycan | Porsche

Eight New Electric Vehicles With The Most Range

All of these exciting upgrades were unveiled at the Holly High Voltage Experience. This was the second event year and gave aftermarket companies the chance to show off their hard work. In many ways, this was just the beginning of what EV performance upgrades can look like!