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When purchasing a used car, it’s important to consider the model and make and the specific model year. The GMC Acadia is a popular SUV choice for families, but like any vehicle, it has its own set of maintenance issues and repair costs. However, certain model years stand out as the worst and should be avoided, if possible. So, which of the worst GMC Acadia model years should you steer clear of when shopping for a used car?

1. 2008 GMC Acadia

For the 2008 GMC Acadia, several maintenance issues have been commonly reported. Car Complaints states that transmission failure, typically around 86,000 miles, costs an average of $3,700 to repair.

Another problem is the engine shutting down while driving, which occurs at an average mileage of 112,000 miles and costs around $3,800 to fix. Additionally, the transmission has been known to go out a second time at an average mileage of 119,000 miles, with a repair cost of approximately $2,100.

2. 2009 GMC Acadia

The check engine light turning on can be a cause for concern and usually costs an average of $3,000 to repair at around 95,000 miles. The power steering going out when turning is also reported to typically occur at an average of 102,000 miles and can cost about $3,200 to fix.

The 2009 GMC Acadia has also been known to experience transmission failure at around 103,000 miles, with a repair cost of approximately $3,500.

3. 2010 GMC Acadia

Owners of the 2010 GMC Acadia have faced several maintenance issues, including a prematurely worn timing chain, which can cost an average of $3,300 to repair at around 92,000 miles.

Engine failure is another major problem, occurring at an average of 104,000 miles and costing around $8,900 to fix. A steering rack leak, which may cost an average of $1,400 to repair, has also been reported by some owners at roughly 79,000 miles.

4. 2011 GMC Acadia

If you own a 2011 GMC Acadia, be prepared for potential engine and lighting issues. With an average mileage of 85,000 miles, loss of engine power is a common problem that may be fixed for about $7,700.

The cam sensor and chains can also go bad at around 81,000 miles, costing approximately $3,400. Some owners have reported melted wiring in their daytime running lights at an estimated 79,000 miles, which can cost around $1,100 to repair.

5, 2012 GMC Acadia

Regarding the 2012 GMC Acadia, there are three common issues with different average costs to fix and average mileage at which they occur.

The air conditioning system is the first concern, which typically arises at 34,000 miles and may only function occasionally. A $700 fix would be typical for this issue.

The second issue involves shuddering, vibrating, and revving, which can indicate various potential problems, such as transmission issues or engine misfires. The average cost to fix this issue is $5,000, and it generally occurs around 113,000 miles.

Engine failure is the third problem, which can be brought on by a variety of things, including oil leaks or overheating. Usually occurring around 97,000 miles, the cost to repair this issue is about $6,100.

6. The 2014 GMC Acadia also comes with some hindrances

The first issue concerns the transmission, where the car may not shift properly. The average cost to fix this issue is $3,500, and it generally occurs around 40,000 miles. The other problem is with the air conditioning system, which may not work or blow hot air. The average costs to fix these issues are $1,000 and $1,100, respectively, and they generally occur around 57,000 miles and 43,000 miles.