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Some people pass down family heirlooms, and some pass down Toyota trucks and sport utility vehicles. Here are six Toyota trucks and SUVs that will last forever if you keep up with regular maintenance. Alternatively, you can just drive it until the wheels fall off and hope for the best. Either one works but might not get you to 300,000 miles.

The Toyota trucks and SUVs that will last forever are the Sequoia and Tundra

iSeeCars does a lot of research regarding finding reliable and long-lasting vehicles. Two Toyota trucks and SUVs known to last long are the Toyota Sequoia and the Tundra truck. In the top one percent of cars with the potential to last forever, the Sequoia has a potential lifespan of 296,509 miles.

It might not comes as a surprise that the Toyota Tundra will last a long time. iSeeCars looks through two million vehicles that have been on sale in the last 20 years. The Toyota Tundra pickup truck came in fourth on the list with a potential lifespan of 256,022 miles or more.

Top 20 RankToyota truck or SUVPotential Lifespan
1Toyota Sequoia296,509 miles
2Toyota Land Cruiser280,236 miles
4Toyota Tundra256,022 miles
10Toyota Highlander Hybrid244,994 miles
12Toyota 4Runner244,665 miles
17Toyota Tacoma235,070 miles
Top 20 Cars Offering the Greatest Potential Lifespan | iSeeCars

Automakers like Toyota build trucks to last a long time and be dependable all the way through. “What we see is a list of highly-durable vehicles, capable of more than a quarter-million miles of use if properly maintained,” iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer said.

Both the Toyota Land Cruiser and Highlander Hybrid SUVs could last you over 240,000 miles

The Toyota Land Cruiser is the second vehicle on the list providing the most significant potential lifespan, potentially lasting 280,236 miles or more. Toyota built the SUV to be essentially indestructible and made for heavy use in terrains that other vehicles couldn’t traverse.

Brauer said, “The Land Cruiser has a proven track record of durability, but its aging platform has been eclipsed by the modern and refined Sequoia, as reflected in the heavier use and higher mileage achieved by Toyota’s newer SUV.” Along with the Highlander Hybrid and its 244,994-mile potential lifespan, there are plenty of options.

These are still family haulers with plenty of creature comforts inside and out. These full-size SUVs also have enough parts to fix or upgrade anything that might need it.

Don’t forget the 4Runner and the Tacoma

Toyota trucks and SUVs that will last forever like this Tundra
A Toyota Tundra | Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

You can’t leave out the Toyota 4Runner SUV and the Tacoma truck. These still landed in the top 20 with a potential lifespan of 244,665 miles for the 4Runner and 235,070 miles for the Tacoma. While there might be a secret club for those who reach 300,000 miles, driving one of these Toyota trucks and SUVs that will last forever is fun enough on its own. Guinness World Records has the highest mileage vehicle listed as a 1966 Volvo 1800S with 3,039,122 miles, but your Toyota could be next.

No matter your choice, having so many Toyota options is a good sign. Prices might remain high for used SUVs and trucks, but at least you know your new chariot will last longer than 100,000 miles.


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