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Spring has sprung, and it’s time for that annual ritual of mowing the grass. If you want to avoid the neighborhood peer pressure of being the last to cut their grass every week, you’ll want to make sure your lawn mower is ready for the season. This means performing some annual lawn mower service to get it ready for another year of cutting your lawn to look its best. Let these tips help you keep your lawn mower out of the repair shop and ready to go every week.

Is your lawn mower spark plug in good shape?

Man Mowing Lawn with a Push Mower - With proper lawn mower service, this mower can last all season long
Man Mowing Lawn with a Push Mower | Getty Images

The spark plug for your lawn mower will last a long time, but there does come a time when it will need to be replaced. Before the mowing season begins, pull off the plug wire and remove the spark plug to examine its condition. If it looks dirty or corroded, spray it with brake cleaner and gently clean it with a wire brush. If the mower won’t start at all or it runs poorly, replace the spark plug.

Are you using old fuel in your mower?

If you use old fuel, you might think your lawn mower needs service when all it really needs is better fuel. The Alabama A&M & Auburn Universities Extension suggests using a fuel stabilizer at the start and end of each mowing season. The fuel can become problematic when a mower goes for more than 30 days without being used. The fuel stabilizer will fix most fuel issues and keep you out of the lawn mower repair shop.

When did you change your lawn mower oil?

One of the most important steps to lawn mower maintenance is to change the oil every spring. Your car needs an oil change regularly, and so does your mower. Check your owner’s manual to ensure you use the right type of oil. Drain the oil and replace it with new oil to ensure your mower lasts all season long.

Have you cleaned the air filter?

The air filter of most push mowers looks like a small sponge. Just like your car, if this filter becomes dirty, your mower won’t run right and will have difficulty cutting the grass for you. Take the filter out and clean it if you can. If the lawn mower air filter has deteriorated, replace it with a new one.

How often should you sharpen your lawn mower blades?

Lawn Mower Blade Sitting on a Mower - Sharpening the blade is an important part of proper lawn mower service
Lawn Mower Blade Sitting on a Mower | Getty Images

One of the most important aspects of lawn mower service is sharpening the blades. You must remove the blade to sharpen it with the right tools. If you don’t want to perform this task, most hardware stores offer a lawn mower blade sharpening service that will address this need.

When was the last time you cleaned under the mower deck?

If your lawn mower deck becomes clogged with grass and debris, the blade won’t turn freely and can’t cut your grass the right way. If you have a push mower, it’s easy to turn the mower on t side and clean the underside of the deck with a wire brush and some soapy water. Spray the area with a garden hose and get as much of that stuff off as you can. When the deck is dry, coat it with a thin layer of vegetable oil to prevent debris from sticking to it in the future.

Use these six lawn mower service tips to keep your mower running right all season long.

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