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Winter is coming. This was uttered many times in the Game of Thrones series. It’s also true for many areas of the country. If you live in an area where January and February are times to hunker down by the fire with some comfort foods, you’ll want to carry some important items in your car during these winter months.

1. An ice scraper should be a no-brainer in your car during winter

Person Using an Ice Scraper
Person Using an Ice Scraper | Wiki Commons

When the temperatures are below freezing, you could head out to your car any day of the week and have it covered in frost or ice. When it’s snowing outside, you may see some accumulation. A long-handled ice scraper with a brush on one end makes it easy to clear off the snow and ice from your car.

2. Does your car need more weight for the winter months?

Kitty Litter helps add weight and traction to your vehicle in the snow
Kitty Litter | Wiki Commons

If you have a rear-wheel-drive car, you need more weight to increase your vehicle’s traction. Even if you drive an FWD vehicle, Firestone Complete Auto Care tells us you should add a few bags of sand or kitty litter to the back of your car during the winter. The extra weight will give you better traction in the snow, but if you get stuck, it comes in handy as an item to add much more traction under the tire that’s spinning.

Note: Add a collapsible shovel to the mix to help dig your tires out when you get stuck.

3. Put a few blankets and cold-weather clothes in your car

Blankets are necessary in your car during winter
Blankets | Wiki Commons

When you don’t spend much time outside during the winter, you might not think about bundling up for the low temperatures. If you want to be prepared for the possibility that your car could slip on ice and you might get stuck in a snowbank, a few blankets, and some warm clothes can help. Winter is the harshest time of the year for your vehicle, and these items can make your time stranded more bearable.

Note: Some snacks, water, and a first-aid kit can help make your time better if you get stranded and injured.

4. Jumper cables are a must in your car during winter

Jumper Cables being connected to a car battery
Jumper Cables | Wiki Commons

The colder temperatures of December, January, and February seriously strain your battery. Your car might not start, and you’ll need to flag down another car to help. If you’ve already got a set of jumper cables, all the other person has to do is provide a working vehicle to get your car started. Make sure you’ve got a pair of cables in your trunk at all times.

Note: Along with the jumper cables, put a few hazard triangles or LED flashers in the trunk to warn passing vehicles that your car is disabled.

5. A fully-charged portable phone charger is an important emergency item

A Portable Phone Charger can be extremely useful in your car during winter
Portable Phone Charger | Wiki Commons

Your car could become disabled. This might lead to the requirement to make several phone calls. One of the items you need in your car during winter is a fully-charged portable phone battery/charger. This item can get your phone charged back to where you need it so you can call for help. If you use your phone as a flashlight, your battery will drain, and this portable charger will come in handy.

Note: Add a small flashlight to your glove box and change the batteries before winter to ensure this item will work when your car is stuck or disabled.

6. Keep a gallon of washer fluid in your car during the winter months

Windshield Washer Fluid Being added to a Car
Windshield Washer Fluid | Wiki Commons

During winter, you’ll use more windshield washer fluid than during other seasons of the year. You never know when you’ll use the last of what’s in your vehicle’s reservoir. Keep an extra gallon of windshield washer fluid in your trunk. Ensure the fluid is rated for freezing temperatures to get the best results during your drive.

With these items in your car, you’ll stand a better chance of surviving the winter months with fewer and less severe incidents.

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