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It’s not only urban blue-collar workers and rural farmers who are in need of a little extra space in their vehicles. According to Consumer Reports, American families are turning more and more to the versatile and reliable workhorses that are pickup trucks.

Pickup truck designs, long dominated by the need for as much bed space and towing capacity as is humanly possible, have shifted in recent years. The change was made to accommodate an emerging demographic buying pickup trucks nationwide: women and families.

Sure enough, the bed space in most of the new trucks is smaller than in recent years to make more room in the cab for the many large families that are buying them in 2019. But bed space is not the only reason these new, roomier trucks are getting the seal of approval from working families everywhere.

Another element drawing potential buyers is the added attention most truck companies are giving to incorporating the latest, tested safety systems in the new model pickup trucks. And while trucks were gas hogs in the past, the new models emerging are powered by engines and transmissions outfitted with the latest in efficient and environmentally friendly designs.

So, for those families out there looking around for a virtual mobile command center that will fit their whole crew, here are six of the roomiest trucks on the market.

Honda Ridgeline

Already the most unique truck on this list, thanks to it being the only unibody style truck available, making it lightweight and comfortable to drive.

Skeptics have questioned the durability of the unibody design on a truck, but not only is it reported to be durable, but fuel-efficient. Plus it has more than adequate towing power. The dual-action tailgate, in-bed storage compartment, and rear fold-up seat cushions also offer many options for extra storage space.

And if safety is at the top of your list, the Ridgeline earned top marks from U.S. News and World Report.

Ford Ranger

You knew it had to be here, right? Tried and true, the Ranger name was here in the beginning and it will be here for a lot longer. So what does this old, but reliable, mainstay have in store for the families out there? Available only in the Lariat trim level, the SuperCrew is the maximum size you can get.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

It looks like a wild animal up close but is, apparently, extremely easy to drive. Designed for off-roading, and even being compared to a race car, the Bison is by all accounts a fun truck to drive. But parents will appreciate the roomy interior of the ZR2, with 3.5-inch-wider front and rear tracks than in the next model down.

Toyota Tundra

Reborn with a V8 in 2015, the Tundra has improved its own space and interior entertainment packages in recent years. And despite an aging powertrain, the Tundra has proved itself over the years as a reliable choice for power and space. The Tundra is pleasing to look at on the outside and huge on the inside. A fair combo, to be sure.

GMC Canyon Denali

The highest level of luxury in the GMC Canyon line, the Denali is the roomiest of all the GMC trucks. And the best news of all, GMC has vastly improved the infotainment system from previous years models.

The Denali may be pricey, but it’s worth it for all that room. Not to mention the added bonus of a powerful and reliable diesel engine that can handle any towing job with ease.

Nissan Titan

The biggest Nissan of all, the Platinum Reserve Crew Cab will give you all the room you may need. The Titan sports not only comfortable seats, but options for storage you probably did not know were even possible. It has the standard spring-assisted tailgate, but the unique bed-channel system and in-bed cargo boxes put it in a roomy class of its own.