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One of the top-rated luxury SUVs in the world has been the BMW X7. It’s hard to find something wrong with it. This SUV is comfortable, offers impressive driving dynamics, meets your BMW luxury expectations, and has powerful engines. Even so, there are a few items that might make you think twice about buying the 2023 BMW X7 luxury SUV.

1. The new BMW design might be too polarizing

This blue 2023 BMW X7 might be the luxury SUV you want to drive
2023 BMW X7 | BMW

While some admire the massive dual-grille of the BMW line, others abhor it. The design of the X7 not only flaunts this design element but it’s also illuminated. If you’re familiar with the new BMW XM, you’ll recognize the sharp angles and shape of this SUV. This new look for the X7 could be enough of a reason for some to look elsewhere for their luxury ride.

2. Why is the third row so tight in the new BMW X7?

The Third Row 2023 BMW X7 lacks legroom for adults
Third Row 2023 BMW X7 | BMW

The X7 is a luxury SUV, but that luxurious feeling gets lost in the rear seats. The size of this SUV reveals one of the largest flaws in nearly every midsize three-row SUV. This area isn’t roomy enough for adults to feel comfortable in the X7. While it might be fine for kids, if you’ve got teenagers they won’t be comfortable in the third row. If you’re looking for a three-row SUV that offers comfort for adults in the rear, look to the full-size SUV market.

3. You can’t take a lot of gear with you in the 2023 BMW X7 luxury SUV

Rear Cargo Area, BMW X7
Rear Cargo Area, BMW X7 | BMW

If you’re looking at this new X7 as the answer to your large family’s SUV needs, think again. Kelley Blue Book tells us the area behind the third row only measures 12.8 cubic feet. That’s not much room at all, especially for a family of six to take a weekend vacation together. If you want to take a large family away to a fun destination, this adventure could require towing a trailer with your luggage inside.

4. The second-row seats of this BMW SUV fold, but it takes a long time

Mind-numbingly slow is a great way to describe just how long it takes for the second row to fold so your third-row occupants can enter the rear of this SUV. If you’re seating small children that will fit in the rearmost area, the slow-moving second-row feels like it takes a lifetime, especially to them.

5. The 2023 BMW X7 doesn’t ride as you might expect

The 2023 BMW X7 luxury SUV could be the ideal flagship SUV for you to drive.
2023 BMW X7 | BMW

MotorTrend calls the on-road performance of this luxury SUV wobbly. This could be a problem if you expect the X7 to carve up the corners and take you on a tour that includes speed and performance. This SUV might not be in the full-size class, but it’s pretty big and shouldn’t be expected to handle a 180-degree turn at full speed.

6. Speaking of performance; the X7 luxury SUV isn’t blowing you away

Doesn’t the BMW X7 come from the same family that makes the M3, the Ultimate Driving Machine? Yes, it does, but these two vehicles are so different it’s impossible to expect the same performance from them. The X7 luxury SUV brings a Sprint function which can give you some straight-line driving excitement but don’t expect it to perform like the M3 or even the M5.

How much is a 2023 BMW X7?

The expected starting price should be around $75,000 and range up to more than $100,000. For those looking for the performance-oriented Alpina B7, the price could reach $142,000. That’s a lot of money to spend on an SUV with average performance numbers.

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