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Some older used SUVs make great buys while others are downright dreadful. When you find a gem, you pay only a little, you get a great drive, and you have a vehicle that takes you where you want to go. While there are many used SUVs from the 1990s that offer value and fun, some give you nothing but problems.

When you’re looking for an SUV you can beat on and drive hard, these are the models you want to avoid.

The Suzuki X-90 is a 1990s bust

The Suzuki X-90 is one of the worst used SUVs from the 1990s you can buy
Suzuki X-90 | Suzuki

Originally, the Suzuki Samurai sold well, but eventually, the X-90 model received poor reviews and sales plummeted. This model was a small two-door, two-seat SUV that could handle some fun out on the trails. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst used SUVs from the 1990s. The ride is uncomfortable and the handling is awful. The cheapness of this Suzuki SUV stands out.

How can the Ford Explorer be one of the worst used SUVs from the 1990s?

The death toll for the 1990s Ford Explorer was significant
Ford Explorer | Ford

In today’s world, the Ford Explorer is an excellent choice, but models from the 1990s were awful. The tires of the Explorer late in the ‘90s had tread that separated at high speeds and caused 271 deaths and more than 800 injuries. While you might not have to worry about the tires if you buy one of these SUVs today, do you want a vehicle with such a dreadful reputation?

You won’t want to drive the Acura SLX

One of the worst SUVs is the Acura SLX
Acura SLX | Acura

The first Acura SUV to ever hit the market was the SLX. This should be enough of a warning sign, but there’s more. This Acura was promoted to be one of the most impressive vehicles in the market, but it had very little power and limited colors. The unimaginative way this luxury SUV came to the market caused it to become one of the worst used SUVs from the 1990s.

Even the Land Rover name couldn’t rescue the Freelander

Avoid buying the Land Rover Freelander
Land Rover Freelander | Land Rover

Since the beginning, Land Rover has stood for luxury off-road prowess that’s been unmatched. Unfortunately, the Freelander didn’t stand up to this reputation. The Freelander was cheaper than other Land Rover SUVs during the 1990s and it wasn’t a bad model, but it wasn’t up to the normal standards of the brand. Hot Cars tell us this is an SUV best used in the city with no desire for performance.

The three-door Isuzu Trooper is one of the worst used SUVs from the 1990s for passengers

1990s Isuzu Trooper
Isuzu Trooper | Getty Images

It wasn’t uncommon for older SUVs to have three doors. This situation was similar to coupe cars that offer two doors for ingress and egress of passengers. Unfortunately, driving the three-door Isuzu Trooper means passengers in the rear must way for those in the front seat to depart the vehicle before they can get out.

The Geo Tracker was simply awful

The Geo Tracker was one of the worst used SUV from the 1990s
Geo Tracker | GM

The only reason to ever drive the Geo Tracker was to say you drove an SUV. This was easily one of the worst used SUVs from the 1990s. This terrible vehicle used a four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine and a three-speed automatic transmission, which sounds awful by 1990s standards. Considering this little and cramped vehicle is nearly thirty years old, it’s not a vehicle you want to drive on the roads today.

If you’re thinking about driving an SUV from the 1990s, these six are at the top of the list to avoid at all costs.