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Six 1993 Chevy Z/28 Camaro Indy 500 Pace Cars have been discovered and will soon be auctioned off. Three of them even sport their original window stickers. Though not the most collectible Camaro, the unique Pace Car package and mileage ranging from 18 to 79 miles make them very collectible. 

These Camaro Pace Cars come from former Houston Rockets owner Charlie Thomas

1993 Camaro Z/28 Indy Pace Car edition
1993 Camaro Z/28 Indy Pace Car edition | Mecum

None of these Camaros have ever been registered. They come from the estate of the former Houston Rockets owner Charlie Thomas. Over the past 20-plus years, he has acquired hundreds of collectible cars, including these six Z/28 Camaros. These were cosmetically exactly like the Camaro that paced the 1993 Indy 500. 

Mecum Auctions will hit the gavel for the six in Indianapolis at the end of this month, with no reserve. Back in 2012, Thomas auctioned off 175 cars from his vast collection. We don’t know whether these six Camaros were acquired after that or if Thomas kept them back? 

Chevy made 645 Indy Pace Cars in 1993, including these six

1993 Camaro Z/28 Indy Pace Car edition interior
1993 Camaro Z/28 Indy Pace Car edition | Mecum

What we do know is that these six Camaros are from a total production of 645 produced. They all feature 4L60 four-speed automatic transmissions, and distinctive multi-colored graphics. All six also come with the Indy 500 lettering still in the trunk. You can opt to apply it or leave the exterior plain if you could call the graphics package plain. 

Three of the six have their original T-Top removable glass panels. And, of course, all of the interiors have fabric that matches the exterior graphics. Engines are the optional 5.7-liter MFI V8 packing 275 hp. 

The 1993 Indy Pace Car package was only $995

1993 Camaro Z/28 Indy Pace Car edition engine
1993 Camaro Z/28 Indy Pace Car edition | Mecum

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The 1993 Indy 500 Pace Car package was just under $1,000. It included the above-mentioned options plus power steering and brakes, air conditioning, a tilt steering column, power windows, locks and mirrors, and those white aluminum wheels. 

1993 was the first year for the fourth-gen Camaros. And 1993 was also the fourth time that a Camaro paced the Indy 500. Mecum is anticipating the gavel falling at between $30,000 and $40,000 for each one. That is considerably more than their MSRP of just under $22,000.