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The first foray into the EV world for Genesis is with the new 2023 Genesis GV60. This compact, exciting new electric luxury Genesis SUV hits the market to provide and fun and engaging drive to those willing to step into the luxury EV world. Here are six 2023 Genesis GV60 features that could put this EV on your radar.

1. The GV60 has a unique body structure

White 2023 Genesis GV60 Electric Luxury SUV posed and parked
2023 Genesis GV60 Electric Luxury SUV | Genesis

One of the most significant 2023 Genesis GV60 features is the lack of shared body panels with other EVs built on the E-GMP platform. This platform is shared with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. We could have seen shared body panels for all three models, but the Hyundai Auto Group did a masterful job of ensuring each electric SUV brings a unique personality and style to the market.

2. Your face is the key to driving pleasure

This Genesis SUV is advanced enough to read your face and utilize this information as the key for your vehicle. All you’ve got to do is walk out to the B-pillar and allow the camera to read your face. Once this information is verified, the doors unlock and off you go. Just don’t end up in the scenarios we saw in the movies Face/Off or Silence of the Lambs.

3. Play a game of find the cameras in this Genesis EV

2023 Genesis GV60 in Gold
2023 Genesis GV60 in Gold | Genesis

Instead of plopping cameras and sensors where they’re easily noticeable, Genesis integrated these items into the design of the new 2023 Genesis GV60. This allows the SUV to have a smooth, uninterrupted appearance that’s pretty easy to admire You can play a game of finding the cameras with your friends, but you’ll need to know where they are first.

4. Modular headlights in this Genesis SUV keep costs down

Some vehicles require that you replace the entire headlight structure when one bulb burns out. This isn’t very cost-effective or convenient. One of the best 2023 Genesis GV60 features is the modular set o headlights. These lights work together, but individual bulbs and lenses can be replaced as needed, which reduces future repair costs.

5. The crystal sphere shifter is really cool

Split view of the Crystal Sphere Shifter 2023 Genesis GV60 - One showing the sphere, the other the gear selector
Crystal Sphere Shifter 2023 Genesis GV60 | Genesis

When parked, the shifter in the Genesis GV60 flips to reveal a crystal sphere that can showcase whatever color you choose. Once you’ve authenticated yourself, this sphere flips to offer the dial for the gear selector. This might seem like nothing more than a party trick, but it is a safety feature to let you know the vehicle is turned on.

6. Some gorgeous interior colors are available for the 2023 Genesis GV60

Instead of simple black and tan with matching stitching, tells us this Genesis SUV comes with some pretty cool interior colors. Imagine a blue interior with yellow piping and stitching; that’s an interior with some style. In addition to impressive colors, many of the materials in this Genesis EV come from recycled items including PET plastic and fishnets. The leatherette is nearly 10% corn, giving this SUV an eco-friendly vibe.

Is the Genesis GV60 available in the United States?

Red 2023 Genesis GV60 Performance SUV parked and posed
2023 Genesis GV60 Performance SUV | Genesis

Due to the limited availability of this new Genesis electric SUV, only select Genesis locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Utah, and Washington will sell the GV60. As more models become available, this SUV will expand to other Genesis dealerships.

How much does a Genesis GV60 cost?

Light Blue 2023 Genesis GV60 parked next to a river
2023 Genesis GV60 | Genesis

This Genesis SUV comes in two trim levels, Advanced and Performance. Both offer standard AWD with the Advanced offering a starting price of $58,890 and the Performance trim requiring $67,890. This Genesis EV does not qualify for the federal tax credit of up to $7,500.

Are these cool 2023 Genesis GV60 features enough to put this Genesis EV somewhere on your list?

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Something’s Off About the New 2023 Genesis GV60 Luxury Electric SUV