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Cars are like fashion, sometimes they look great, other times they won’t. The same thing can be said of car fads; the cool ones stick around and the terrible ones bite the dust. Here are six car fads that thankfully aren’t in style anymore.

1. Phony race gear 

Putting phony racing gear on your car without actually racing is just strange. Few people think it makes a car look good. If you’re not going to drive your car on a track, what’s the point of it? Most drivers realized it’s a pointless thing to do, so this fad has gone out of fashion.

2. Vinyl roofs

A lot of out-of-fashion car fads tried to make a car look better or more expensive. Unlike spoilers, which give cars a sportier look and performance boost, vinyl roofs existed just to make a car look more expensive. With plenty of affordable convertibles on the market today, vinyl roofs were usually just a cheap way to make a cheap car look cool. Fortunately, this fad is no longer with us. Most drivers opt to just buy a convertible instead.

3. Underglow lights

Just like in fashion, many car fads end up making things look worse. Of course, style is subjective, but few people deemed decking out a car with lights on its underside to be attractive. Otherwise, this fad would still be alive. It’s also not very legal, at least according to Cars.

4. Removing the hood

Another car fad that just made them look uglier involved people removing the hoods of their cars. Again, taste in fashion is subjective, but few people want to see the insides of a car all the time. Like underglow lights, it’s also illegal in certain areas.

Plus, by removing the hood, you make your car less aerodynamic, which affects performance and fuel efficiency. So basically, this fad makes your car slower, uglier, and can get you a citation. Luckily, few people fall for this fad anymore.

5. Beaded seats

For some drivers, comfort is the most important thing. These people may have bought into the hype of putting beaded seats inside their cars. These seats supposedly have therapeutic properties, but the science doesn’t prove this. That’s why beaded seats have gone out of fashion. But if you find them comfortable, then go ahead and sit on one. For most Americans though, everyone seems to stick to leather seats.

6. Spinner rims 

Music videos make everything seem cooler, and this goes for spinner rims, too. But these add-ons don’t do anything practical. Like a lot of fads, once spinner rims didn’t seem cool anymore, it stopped being a fad. You may still see musicians’ fancy cars with spinner rims every so often, but largely, Americans don’t care about them anymore.