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The luxury hybrid and electric cars segment is teeming with competition. U.S. News recently published its choices for the six best luxury hybrid and electric cars from 2021, and it’s hard to argue with them. Proper luxury cars sport comfort, smooth and plentiful acceleration, and amenities with minimal compromise. Although some of these cars lack in certain areas, they all provide an exceptional driving experience in their own way. These are U.S. News’ six choices for best luxury hybrid and electric cars from 2021.

2021 BMW i3: compact fun

BMW i3 on display in Germany
BMW i3 on display in Germany | Tobias SCHWARZ / AFP) (Photo by TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty Images

BMW’s i3 gets mediocre scores from various sources, despite its ability. It has up to 181 horsepower and can go up to 200 miles. It weighs 3,309 pounds which is light for an electric car, but upon settling inside the cabin, it isn’t easy to see where the weight is. The i3 provides a cramped interior, which becomes smaller when traveling on the highway. With just the driver, the i3 can be a fun experience. Its rear-wheel-drive platform lends itself tight and responsive handling. Taking an i3 for a track day is not uncommon.

The 2021 Lexus ES Hybrid is almost as luxurious as it gets

Lexus ES Hybrid on display in Belgium
Lexus ES Hybrid on display in Belgium | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

The Lexus ES Hybrid offers a more luxurious experience, providing a quiet and comfortable cabin. Unfortunately, it lacks the excitement of the i3 and many other Lexus sedans. The car comes with a front-wheel drive as standard, so the AWD ES350H comes highly recommended in comparison. It clocks in a few thousand dollars cheaper than the i3 and provides more interior space as well as a cushier ride. The Lexus certainly accomplishes the goals of a luxury car. 

The 2021 Porsche Taycan is a fantastic and expensive luxury electric car

Porsche Taycan in London
Porsche Taycan in London | Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Hands-down the best car on this list, the Porsche Taycan is an all-electric sedan that looks like a 718. It starts at 321 horsepower and goes 200 miles on a charge. Unfortunately, it’s twice the price of the Lexus, starting at $82,700. The Taycan will most likely handle better than the Lexus and the BMW, but it weighs more, and affordability is out the window compared to the competition so far.

2021 Polestar 2: the most well-rounded luxury electric car

Polestar 2 on display in Munich
Polestar 2 on display in Munich | TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty Images

Luckily the Polestar 2 brings us closer to reality with a $61,200 MSRP, and its ability makes the Polestar 2 a bargain. It can go 230 miles on a charge, and that’s with just over 400 horsepower. It’s also quick, sprinting to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. The Polestar 2 provides high-quality interior pieces and an agile chassis. Customers can opt for a performance package for about $5,000 more, which includes Brembo brakes and Ohlin suspension. This is one of the best choices for luxury electric cars.

2021 Tesla Model 3: cheap interior, great everything else

Tesla Model 3 on display in China
Tesla Model 3 on display in China | Tang Ke / Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

For an affordable luxury electric car, the actual choices start and stop at the Tesla Model 3. It’s quick, has the most range, and is somewhat reasonable, starting at $38,940. Unfortunately, the interior feels like a lego set. The interior is made of cheap materials snapped together, which disheartens the experience. For getting past its weak interior, the car offers simply the best electric car experience so far. It’s a simple car that weighs as much as a petrol sedan and has exceptional interior visibility.

2021 Tesla Model S: better than Model 3

The Tesla Model S was U.S. News’ number-one choice and rated the most expensive on this list by about $7,000, ahead of the Porsche. With that comes a much more comfortable interior than what the Model 3 has to offer, a longer range, and much more speed. The Model S has lots of grip and ample acceleration, but its biggest problem comes down to the size. It feels big, both in size and weight. The interior offers plenty of space and is comfortable enough for drives of moderate length and time.

Which of these cars is the best luxury hybrid or electric vehicle?

Each of these cars has its strengths and weaknesses. None are perfect, but most of them serve their purpose well. The BMW i3 depreciates so quickly that it’s worth waiting a few years for, and valet drivers probably get more chances to drive the Porsche Taycan than the average person. Still, the Polestar 2 and Tesla Model 3 are both solid choices.


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