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As hybrid and electric SUVs take the automotive world by storm, we’re beginning to see more options than ever. While the first hybrid and electric cars were often compact cars and hatchbacks, there are a variety of types now, including pickup trucks and even three-row SUVs. If you want a 7-passenger hybrid 2022 SUV, you do have some options. Here are the top four.

A silver 2022 Toyota Highlander
2022 Toyota Highlander | Toyota

1. The 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the best three-row hybrid SUV

U.S. News says that the 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is your best bet for a three-row hybrid SUV. It can hold up to seven or eight passengers, making it a great option for even slightly larger families. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid gets 35-36 miles in the city and 34-35 miles on the highway. It also comes with two powertrain options; front-wheel or all-wheel drive, and it makes 243 hp.

Overall, the 2022 Toyota Highlander is U.S. News’ #4 pick for hybrid vehicles, but it’s the first one on the list that can hold up to seven or eight people. It’s also #29 in Crossover SUVs and #10 for SUVs with 3-Rows. Its price starts at $39,055.

2. The 2022 Kia Sorento hybrid has 3 rows but can only hold 6

While the 2022 Kia Sorento hybrid SUV has three rows, it can only hold up to six passengers. That’s thanks to its second-row captain’s chairs. Unfortunately, there’s no option to get a second-row bench in the hybrid version of the Kia Sorento, meaning six people really is its limit.

The Kia Sorento hybrid motor can make up to 177 hp. It gets 39 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. The 2022 Kia Sorento Hybrid is #7 in Hybrid SUVs, #39 in Crossover SUVs, and #18 in SUVs with 3 Rows. Its price starts at $34,090.

3. The 2022 Lexus RX 450h is a luxury hybrid SUV with 7 seats

The 2022 Lexus RX 450 h isn’t on U.S. News’ list of the best hybrid vehicles, but it is a fantsatic hybrid SUV with enough seating for 7 passengers. Consumer Reports rates the 2022 Lexus RX #4 out of 29 SUVs and says that the hybrid version “offers added boost and better fuel economy” than the standard Lexus SUV.

The Lexus RX 450h is also fast, getting to 60 mph in just 7.5 seconds. It also gets 29 mpg overall, which isn’t quite as good as the Highlander or Sorento hybrids, but is still decent. The hybrid Lexus RX450h is also more expensive than the Highlander or Sorento, at $48,720, though that is to be expected with a hybrid SUV.

4. The 2022 Volvo XC90 Recharge offers seating up to 7

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The 2022 Volvo XC90 Recharge is another hybrid SUV that offers seating for up to seven passengers. It’s also a luxury SUV that comes packed with features and style. The hybrid version of the 2022 Volvo XC90 adds 14 miles of range, meaning you’ll get 27 mpg.

The Volvo XC90 Recharge comes with all the things you’d expect in a luxury SUV. Consumer Reports says “the interior is quiet, plush, and modern, with super comfortable seats.” Yet it isn’t perfecct; its controls are “unintuitive,” which may be disappointing for a luxury SUV. The 2022 Volvo XC90 Recharge price starts at $64,800.

The best hybrid 3-row SUVs with seven esats offer a little something for everyone, but it will be nice when there are even more options on the market.


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