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Car design languages can be as complex, varied, and beautiful as human languages. Automakers use their own language to convey brand identity and emotion through design. Each swoop, curve, and line is part of a greater puzzle. We took a look at some of the best new 2023 Acura Integra design features to understand just how Acura revived an old legend with some new tricks.

6. Throwback Integra logos

One thing we really like about the new 2023 Integra is the number of little details that hail back to the 80s and 90s Integra. Acura did a good job of incorporating these design features—like embossed Integra logos in the front and rear—while still keeping the new design fresh and modern. 

Close-up of an Integra embossed logo on the 2023 Acura Integra sedan
2023 Acura Integra logo | Acura

5. Increased outward visibility thanks to clever design

Acura based the 2023 Integra’s design around the concept of “sleek”, and it shows in the outward visibility for the driver. Acura shaved down the A-pillars to make them as thin as possible. This, combined with a low cowl (the base of the windshield) gives better visibility in the peripheral areas.

4. A frameless Diamond Pentagon grille

Created with what Acura called “contrast design language,” the 2023 Integra draws on a number of classic Acura design features. One of the most obvious is the Diamond Pentagon grille, which Acura introduced a few years ago and is now a staple of Acura’s fascia. The frameless design around the grille creates a seamless look, and lets some of the attention up front go to to the Integra logo.  

Front-facing shot of 2023 Acura Integra design features, namely the Diamond Pentagon grille
2023 Acura Integra Diamond Pentagon grille | Acura

3. Couple-like profile with a unique liftback design

The 2023 Integra’s five-door liftback design is exclusive to the premium sport compact segment. While its overall design seems like a callback to a coupe, Acura designed the all-new Integra in homage to the five-door hatchback Integra model that was popular in the mid-80’s. What’s the difference between a hatchback and a liftback? Both feature a rear door that opens up to expose the interior cargo area of the vehicle. However, a liftback typically has a much softer sloping angle than a hatchback.

2. Dual exhaust finishers for a classic, sporty look

The 2023 Integra was designed with a wide, low stance to convey all of the sport attitude that Acura is hoping for. The look is rounded out with dual exhaust finishers, and the Integra’s new coil type exhaust system complements design with a specifically crafted sound. But, does the bark match the bite? We’ll need to wait for driving reviews to know if the 2023 Integra’s performance is as serious as its design.

1. Available A-Spec® sport-appearance package

One of the most obvious and noticeable Acura Integra design features is the A-Spec® sport-appearance package. This is the only design feature in the list that doesn’t come standard. The appearance package is an option that can be added. The A-Spec® package includes special front and rear fascia trim, gloss-black window surrounds, a special lip spoiler, Shark Gray 18-inch alloy wheels, and A-Spec® badges.

See more specs and details online from Acura.

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