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The collector car market is a hot topic these days, with websites like Bring-a-Trailer selling fairly mundane old cars at truly staggering prices. As much as we love to make fun of those absurd auction results, a recent discussion regarding modern cars grabbed our attention. In doing so, we though about 3 new affordable cars that will likely appreciate in value.

GR Corolla hatchback
GR Corolla | Toyota

Business Insider’s Alanis King poses an interesting question

If you’ve been in the automotive space for any length of time, you’ve likely heard of Alanis King. The Jalopnik alum, renowned cat lady, and current Business Insider Transportation Editor sparked a debate with this Tweet:

Sifting through dozens of replies, there seems to be a consensus that lands on a handful of modern hot hatches and sports cars that already enjoy cult followings. Here are a few of our favorites.

Most expect the GR Corolla to be the affordable car that will appreciate most

One model that popped up in nearly every reply was the current Toyota GR Corolla. Of course, the sub-$50,000 stipulation assumes no dealership markup. In this climate, that’s a big ask.

But assuming one can find a GRolla for its stated asking price, we’re inclined to agree. And while $50,000 isn’t “affordable”, it’s near enough to the average price of a new car to count.

There is almost no doubt that the first-gen GR Corolla will appreciate in value over the next three decades. As an affordable new car with the potential to appreciate over time, it’s hard to bet against the little Japanese hatchback.

Of course, there are a few catches. It will likely be just the first-year models that fetch big returns down the road. In addition, the car would have to be unmodified and with low mileage in order to truly make money in the future. Any daily-driven GR Corolla will depreciate just like anything else, especially as the years and miles tick by.

Expect the affordable Honda Civic Type-R to appreciate as well

White Honda Civic Type-R is an affordable car that could gain value
Honda Civic Type-R | Honda

Many commenters also included the GR Corolla’s rival in their lists of affordable cars that will earn money. The Honda Civic Type-R may be going through some growing pains right now, but that shouldn’t diminish its standing as a future classic.

This may be the best Type-R of our generation, and the 310-horsepower sports car is the last of a dying breed. Considering it’s manual transmission, turbocharged horsepower, and nary a hint of electrification or all-wheel drive in sight, we expect this Type-R to carry its cult following for decades to come.

A manual Ford Bronco should gain value over time

A manual Ford Bronco is an affordable new car that should appreciate in value.
Ford Bronco | Ford

Americans love rugged SUVs and collectors love manual transmissions. In 30 years, that combination should make the current manual Ford Bronco a surefire choice to increase in value, despite an affordable price.

Not only is it sold in limited numbers, but it is an iconic nameplate that faithfully carries the legacy of the original. Today, a manual Bronco can be had for as little as $35,000. That’s incredibly affordable for a modern SUV that will surely make some money in the future.

Let us know what you think!

Do these cars make your list of affordable cars that should increase value over time? Let us know which 2023 models have the biggest potential!

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