50 Cent’s White Lightning Jet Car Was Built for $1.5 Million by the Designers of the Mars Rover

Celebrities are well known for requesting custom-made cars, which helps them stand out from the crowd even more. 50 Cent is no exception and had a car designed on the show ‘Dream Machines‘, which cost him quite a bit of money. Even though 50 Cent is very fond of it, critics are not impressed.

50 Cent dressed in a suit with a red tie.
Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson | Getty Images

If you dream it, the Parker Brothers can build it, like the White Lightning Jet Car

Designing a car these days is no easy task. There are many parts to be wielded, seats to be stitched, motors to be built, and then there’s trying to decide how you’ll make it run as automakers seek new methods outside of fossil fuels to power our automobiles.

The Parker Brothers have taken this to a whole new level and happily accept the challenge to design the unthinkable. According to Hot Cars, it all began when they were kids growing up in South Carolina. They didn’t have much, but they could build some vehicles that were mind-blowing with it. They started with go-karts and soon were building bigger and better cars.

Now the brothers have their own crew and, for the right price, can build a vehicle that will leave you speechless. Some of their projects include icons such as the Ghostbusters car, the motorcycle from Tron Legacy, and even an Optimus Prime truck. They’re also responsible for a vehicle designed for 50 Cents.

50 Cents and the White Lightning Jet Car

50 Cents was inspired by Formula 1 cars and space vehicles after deciding he wanted a jet car. It’s not like you can just run by your local dealership and buy one. He had to find someone to design it for him. That’s where the Parker Brothers come in.

According to Hot Cars, they designed White Lightning on their SyFy TV show Dream Machines, then designed it and redesigned it again. White Lightning was built from scratch, and the brothers weren’t exactly open about the specs, so we don’t have any details about what White Lightning could do. 

With that being said, rumors have it that this vehicle has a top speed of 250 mph and an electric engine. It comes with a jet fighter plane yoke steering wheel, Asanti wheels, and a Top Gun inspired touch screen.

The final cost was $1.5 million, but 50 Cent seemed delighted with his new ride and didn’t mind the high price. 

However, critics were not so enthusiastic about White Lightning. Brake For It stated, “50 Cent’s Jet Car might capture attention, but it’s far from a good-looking car. At least in our eyes, it looks like a cheap child toy, especially with the white/black color combo.”

Hot Cars pointed out that even though White Lightning is street legal, it’ll probably cause a traffic jam. Even so, 50 Cent is happy, which is what matters.

The Parker Brothers are designing space vehicles


NASA Concept Car Could Be The First Driven On Mars

According to Inverse, critics may not have been impressed with 50 Cents’ White Lightning, but 50 Cents’ car and other projects helped bring the Parker Brothers to the attention of NASA. The brothers were approached by NASA to build a new Mars Rover, which someone behind the wheel would man.

The brothers were very excited about this new project and were quick to get started. Rather than just focusing on something which looked like it came from a 60s sci-fi flick, the Parker Brothers wanted a Mars Rover which would turn heads as well as being fully functioning. 

They managed to do it by building a 400 hp, six-wheeled, 28-foot long vehicle that looks insanely cool. The wheels had to be designed from something other than air and rubber, as that would never function on the Mars surface, but the brothers managed it. 

Tragically, the new Mars Rover the brothers built will most likely never see space. However, it did travel the nation to inspire others, and now it can be seen at the Kennedy visitor center.