5 Year Old Steals Car to Drive To Lamborghini Dealer

There is no age restriction for becoming an automotive enthusiast. Heck, professional racecar drivers often start their race careers in go-karts when they are still single-digits years old. Now imagine being an automotive enthusiast that is five-years-old and being told by your mother that she won’t buy you a Lamborghini. One child decided to make Lamborghini ownership happen on his own

Utah Highway Patrol Tweet
Utah Highway Patrol Twitter post regarding a 5 year-old that was pulled over.

Not a drunk driver

Yesterday, a video surfaced of a trooper in Ogden, Utah, on the highway following a Dodge Journey that was handling erratically. The officer decided to pull the vehicle over. Eventually, the vehicle came to a stop, and the trooper approached the driver door. To the trooper’s astonishment, there was not a drunk driver behind the wheel. There was not even an adult in the car. Instead, a child was in the driver’s seat

Lamborghini love

Rick Morgan, the officer, was able to determine from Adrian, the five-year-old child, that he was upset with his mother for telling him that she was not going to buy him a Lamborghini. So, when the parents were working, the child grabbed the keys to the family vehicle, jumped in the car, and started heading to California to buy the Lamborghini himself. 

Thankfully, no one was injured during the road trip. Adrian had only made it about two miles from home. But, for a five-year-old to have the wherewithal to drive a vehicle safely enough not to hit anything on the way to the highway is kind of impressive, and terrifying at the same time. Then for the child to actually be on highway Interstate 15 with cars at speed, well, that is astonishing.

Doubtful financing is available

New Lamborghini’s have purchase prices of around $200,000. The boy only had $3 he had saved for the purchase. Convinced he was going to get one, he waited for his sister to fall asleep and slipped out of the house. Then, he made his move. That dream car was within reach too, even though the gas and brake pedals of the Dodge Journey were not.

Kobe Bryant Lamborghini Aventador | Boosh Sports
Kobe Bryant Lamborghini Aventador | Boosh Sports

The family response

The family of the child later came to pick Adrian and the vehicle up. They were just as surprised as officer Morgan by the incident. The sister, Sidney, says she woke up to find that Adrian and the car keys were gone. She could not believe that he was coordinated enough at his young age to be able to drive the car that far. 

The ambition to make things happen is a good thing. It motivates people to move forward instead of being paralyzed in the same place physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Adrian certainly had ambition. However, it appears he is still learning that ambition has to be tempered with the knowledge of what is legally right, and more importantly, what is safe. Given time, this young auto enthusiast will learn those things. In the meantime, I wonder how many race teams are eyeing Adrian up for their driver development programs. I also wonder how many parents are rethinking where they leave their keys in the house.