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Are you planning to embark on a fun road trip this summer? If so, one way to make it even more fun is to watch the miles slip by in a sleek, low-slung sports car. Be careful, though. While some sports cars in the market are actually fairly comfortable and get decent fuel economy, others are a pain to drive. As such, here are five of the worst sports cars that you can take on a long road trip.

1. Toyota MR2 Spyder

2000 Toyota MR2 Roadster
2000 Toyota MR2 Roadster | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

A good road trip car will have a lot of cargo room for your stuff, decent sound-deadening for a quiet ride, and comfortable seats. The third-generation Toyota MR2 Spider has none of those attributes. Its mid-engine, rear-drive layout made for go-cart-like fun in the corners.

However, its noisy ride, tin-can shell, and lack of a trunk make it one of the worst sports cars you can take on a road trip vacation. There is some storage behind the seats, but it’s barely enough to fit any substantial luggage. According to Hot Cars, “for drivers who bought this as a daily commuter as well, the order of the day was a lack of space and a painful driving experience.”

2. Lotus Elise

2002 Lotus Elise
2002 Lotus Elise | Getty Images

Sure, the Lotus Elise looks really cool and it’s a blast to drive on canyon roads and race tracks. But it’s a pain to get in and out of — thanks to a high door sill – and it’s super loud at freeway speeds. The Elise also rides really low, so it may be tough for larger trucks and other cars to see you on the highway. In that case, keep this car on the racetrack for casual weekend drives, not road trips.

3. Pontiac Solstice

Pontiac Solstice GXP in yellow
Pontiac Solstice GXP in yellow. | Victor Malafronte/Getty Images

The Pontiac Solstice was built from 2005 to 2009 on GM’s Kappa platform, which is the same one used for the Saturn Sky. The Solstice had a rear-drive, top-down configuration that made it fun to drive. And if you opted for the GXP trim, then you were treated to a 260-hp turbocharged engine. But that’s where the fun stopped.

When it comes to long road trips, the Solstice isn’t exactly the best car to take due to its plastic interior and rough ride. It’s also pretty loud at freeway speeds, so carrying on a conversation or listening to your favorite road trip music can be rather tough.

4. Mazda RX-8

2004 Mazda RX8
2004 Mazda RX8 | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Although the Mazda RX-8 had a trunk and usable back seats, its reliability and poor fuel economy were its biggest downsides. If you don’t mind getting gas mileage in the low 20s and the possible overheating issues, then the RX-8 could be for you. But if you don’t want a high-maintenance sports car, then skip this one altogether.

5. Honda S2000

A red 2007 Honda S2000 coupe convertible model featured from the National Motor Museum
2007 Honda S2000 | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Yes, the Honda S2000 is an amazing car, even if you have to drive one on a daily basis. However, its stiff ride, loud cabin, and relatively unsupportive seats make it hard to drive on longer trips. If you do take an S2000 on a road trip, be prepared to stop every two hours to stretch and regain your sanity and hearing.

The worst sports cars for road trips

While you definitely take any of these cars on a long road trip, we don’t recommend it. If you do, there’s a good chance that halfway into the trip, you’ll be wishing that you were sitting in a nice Honda Accord instead. However, if you’re daring enough to do it, then any of these five cars will provide a fun experience. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.


7 of the Best Sports Cars for a Summer Road Trip