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When shopping for a used daily driver, it’s important to take drivability and overall comfort into consideration. Features like supportive seats, a fuel-efficient and reliable engine, and some tech-savvy equipment are usually high on the shopping list. However, these five cars lack some of those all-important features, so we suggest avoiding them if you’re in the market for a cheap daily driver.

The Mazda RX-8 looks cool, but it’s a pain to own

2004 Mazda RX-8 in red
2004 Mazda RX-8 | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

There’s a reason why you can find so many Mazda RX-8s for less than $10,000 in your local classifieds. If you don’t know anything about the RX-8, it’s important to understand that its 1.3-liter, two-rotor rotary engine is more high-maintenance than a Swedish supermodel – especially if it has over 100,000 miles on the clock.

For starters, you can look forward to terrible gas mileage, but that’s not all. According to Tuning Pro, owners have also reported major issues like failing apex seals, bad ignition coils, and engine flooding. That’s when the engine floods with fuel when it’s shut off too early after a cold start. So, if you need to move your RX-8 a short distance, then you may have issues. Again, there’s a reason – or five – that this car can be found for cheap these days.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is beautiful and lacks practicality

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe
2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Alfa Romeo builds some of the most beautiful cars and the 4C is definitely one of the best looking. However, Ideal Cars reports that the 4C makes for a terrible daily driver due to its lack of power steering and cargo room. It’s a mid-engine car, but there’s no front trunk – in fact, the hood is sealed shut. There is a trunk in the back, but don’t expect to fit more than a backpack back there. Case in point, buy an Alfa Romeo 4C as a second or third car, not a daily driver.

The Hummer H2 is not a good daily driver

A Hummer H2 drives over a hill.
A Hummer H2 drives over a hill. | Getty Images

You would think that the Hummer H2 would make for a good daily driver considering its massive size and interior space. But that interior is filled with cheap plastics and the visibility from the driver’s seat is poor thanks to the small square windows. Let’s not forget that you’ll get terrible gas mileage – you can expect around 11 mpg.

The PT Cruiser convertible was called the “PT Loser” for a reason

The Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible in blue.
The Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible in blue. | Getty Images

Let’s face it, the PT Cruiser was never known to be a good car to begin with and the convertible top made it worse. To make up for the structural rigidity lost when chopping the top, Chrysler fitted the PT Cruiser convertible with a massive roll bar. It looked like a huge carrying handle that you would see on a toy car. It was also lacking in interior quality and driving fun, which is why many called it the “PT Loser.”

The Dodge Viper will bite you if you’re not careful

A blue Dodge Viper.
A blue Dodge Viper. | Getty Images

While the Dodge Viper is a dream car for many, it can be a nightmare as a daily driver. The lack of traction control and ABS in the early models made them scary to drive. Couple that with the lack of interior quality, no exterior door handles, and no cupholders – it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t want to be in a Viper on your long commute into the office. To be fair, Dodge did improve the car throughout the years, but it still proved stressful to drive on a daily basis.

The worst daily driver cars you need to avoid

While there are plenty more terrible daily driver cars in the market, these five vehicles are definitely some that you should avoid buying. If anything, stick to a used Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. They at least have cupholders and power steering.


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