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If you’re a Doctor Who fan and you’ve been paying attention to Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck, you may have thought, that pickup truck looks an awful lot like the Cybermen. Just how similar are the Tesla Cybertruck and the Doctor Who Cybermen, and should we all be worried about the imminent downfall of humanity?

A silver cyborg in a crowd. The Tesla Cybertruck and Doctor Who Cybermen are eerily similar.
A Doctor Who Cyberman | Adam Gasson/Getty Images

Here are five ways that the Tesla Cybertruck are startlingly, eerily similar to the Doctor Who Cybermen.

They look strikingly similar 

The futuristic, silver and angular Tesla Cybertruck.
The upcoming Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Both the Tesla Cybertruck and the Doctor Who Cybermen have silver, metallic bodies. The older Doctor Who Cybermen have bodies that appear to be bolted together, but the newer Cybermen have smooth, silver bodies just like the Cybertruck. Are they cold-looking and slightly institutional? Yes. Are they both at the cutting-edge of technology? Also yes. 

Perhaps the biggest difference is that the Cybermen used to be humans, and therefore kind of look like terrifying Wizard of Oz tin men. The Tesla Cybertrucks don’t have heads, or hands – yet. They do have eyes (or at least they can “see” terrain). The Cybermen Cybertrucks are always watching.

They are both “total machine creatures”

The Doctor Who Cybermen lined up.
Doctor Who Cybermen | Adam Gasson via Getty Images

The new Tesla Cybertruck is going to be a revolutionary electric pickup truck. It’s going to be super fast and have an amazingly long range. There’s talk of it being able to power a house in a blackout. It’s a futuristic, fully electric vehicle with never-before-seen technology, like cameras and laser sensors. And, a massive supercomputer controls Tesla’s Autopilot system.

The Cybermen were first referred to as “total machine creatures” in the 1975 Doctor Who episode Revenge of the Cybermen. The Cybermen used to be humans from Earth’s twin planet, Mondas. Once they realized that human extinction was near, they converted themselves to the cyborgs known as Cybermen. 

Although initially human, there’s nothing human about the Cybermen. They don’t have feelings, they can’t process others’ emotions. Much the way the Cybertruck is controlled by computers, the Cybermen are controlled by Cyber Controllers and Cyber Leaders. In the famous Doomsday episode, a Cyber Leader is killed (can you kill something that isn’t alive?), and its data files are downloaded to another Cyberman. 

Neither are totally bulletproof

The Cybermen are pretty much immune to bullets, but that doesn’t mean that a well-placed rocket launcher couldn’t take one out. Explosives, electricity, and bazooka shells are also surefire Cybermen-killers. Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary says that the Cybermen were bullet resistant, but not necessarily bulletproof. 

The Cybertruck is going to be made of the same stainless steel as Space X’s spaceships. As you can imagine, that can withstand some pretty heavy-duty stuff. Yet is it bulletproof? Tesla says the exterior is bulletproof to 9mm. The windshield is also supposed to be bulletproof. Yet when Elon Musk dropped a steel ball onto the windshield, it broke. He later said it happened because he first struck it with a sledge hammer, but who’s to say a sledge hammer-wielding, armed Cyberman isn’t going to attack your Cybertruck?

Cybermen ditched feelings the way the Cybertruck ditched radar

Think about it. The Cybermen have no way of interpreting the fear their victims experience as they’re facing death. In fact, once the Cybermen were able to process feelings, the impact of the realization of all they had done while cyborg was too much for them to handle, and they died. 

In order for Cybermen to understand the fear, anger, and kindness of humans (and the Doctor), they would have to be able to send out and receive signals about the behaviors and reactions of those around them. Since the Cybermen got rid of their emotions, they are unable to do this. 

Recently, Tesla got rid of its radar sensors. Now, instead of a Model 3 or Model Y being able to send radio signals to determine what’s around them, cameras do the job. No signals are sent or received.

The Cybermen got rid of feelings because they saw them as a weakness, and Tesla got rid of radar because it’s a “crutch.” It’s only a matter of time before a fleet of Cybertrucks tries to take over the world.

They both convert humans

The Tesla Cybertruck drives around a curve in a desert.
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The Cybermen are on a mission to convert more humans into Cybermen because they fear extinction. They round people up and put their brains into the metal bodies (even if their brains don’t exactly keep operating as usual). 

Likewise, Tesla is converting people to the Tesla brand, but even more importantly, to the realization that electric cars don’t have to be small, boring vehicles. Yeah, it might be because Elon Musk realizes that the world is likely to become a fiery ball of desolation, but that’s okay. Hey, it’s better than all of deciding our only hope of survival is to become Cybermen. 


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