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Shoppers looking for a new electric vehicle and current EV owners alike suffer from range anxiety. Because of that, shoppers and drivers are looking for ways to get more range out of their EVs and stay on the road for longer. Here are five different ways for you to possibly get a few extra miles out of your battery and extend the range of your EV.

Do you need that extra heat?

While in the winter, it can certainly seem like the right idea to blast your heat the entire time you drive to get warm. But, when you drive an electric car, your heater is powered by your battery and can drain your battery quickly. Instead of blasting the heat at full strength, utilize the heated seats or heated steering wheel, if equipped, to keep you warm. Furthermore, before you start driving, you can even plug in your car and preheat it for a few minutes.

Keep the heat off or low to extend your EV’s range.

Stay cool without your A/C

the climate controls found in a new tesla model s, manage your climate to extend the range of your ev battery
Tesla Model S Climate Controls | Tesla

On the opposite end of the spectrum is your A/C system. Like your heat, the A/C operates off of your EV’s battery. When running at full blast, your battery will lose its charge much quicker. Instead of running your A/C, try running only the fan to keep the temperature more enjoyable. Furthermore, open your windows to bring in the fresh air, but that can also cause your battery to drain. Finally, like your heat, pre-cool your car before leaving while it is connected to the charger.

Keep your tires in top shape

As with any car, keeping your tires in better shape is imperative to your car running more efficiently. With an EV, keeping your tires inflated can be even more important. If your tires are underinflated, you can not only wear your tires down quicker but also drain your battery. Simply keep an eye on your tire pressure, and rotate your tires regularly while you’re at it. Keeping your tires in better shape can easily help extend your EV range.

Travel lighter and with less cargo

a backpack in the trunk of a car, carry less cargo to extend the range of your ev
Backpack in the Trunk of a Car | Andraz Lazic via Unsplash

One of the most basic ways to extend your battery’s range is to carry less cargo in your EV. Keeping the weight lower can quickly not drain your battery. More weight means more energy used to get your EV going and keep it moving. MYEV notes that 100 added pounds can consume between 1-2% of extra energy.

Find a more efficient route to your destination

If you are planning a long drive or a road trip, take a few moments to find a route that will be more efficient. Even if the new route you are looking at taking will take you longer, there is a good chance that it could help you use less energy. By avoiding areas with heavy traffic, frequent changes in elevation, and higher speeds, you can significantly extend your EV’s range.

A few simple tips to keep your EV driving longer

spend more time driving instead of charging if you extend the range of your ev battery
An EV Charging | CHUTTERSNAP via Unsplash

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Electric cars have become more popular over the last few years, with more shoppers considering one and more drivers having one. To make sure anyone can enjoy the EVs more, follow these tips, and you can add some much-needed range to your EV.