5 Used Hybrids That Are Super Affordable

Remember, a few years back, when a lot of hybrids hit the market? The prospect of combining a gas engine with an electric motor was a good idea, but the launches of some of those cars didn’t fare as well as they should. Prices were quite high, and people wanted the best bang they could get for their hard-earned dollars.

Nowadays, these cars can We can find these cars in the used automobile ads in papers and online. The best part about it is that we can own them for a fraction of the price they were when they were brand new on the car lots. Here are five hybrids that you could own today for an affordable price.

Nissan Altima Hybrid

Nissan Altima Hybrid
2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid | Nissan

The Altima is the first gas/electric combined vehicle Nissan built with the help of Toyota’s technology. It had a 2.5L 4-cylinder gas engine running with 158 hp along with a 650-volt, 40 hp electric motor.

Since they typically could get about 33 mpg combined, these cars would fit in well with our modern versions of fuel-efficient cars. They were only sold in a limited number of states, and we knew they used many for patrol cars and taxis. But, if you can locate one with low miles, you would have a gem on your hands that should run you in the ballpark of $7,000-$8,000.

Chevy Malibu Hybrid

The Chevy Malibu started making their hybrids for the 2008-2009 years. After that, they discontinued them until 6 years later when the newly revamped hybrids hit the market in 2016. Since then, Chevy has made some impressive runs each year, updating them as needed. As of 2019, they’re still going strong.

Performance for the Malibu hybrid was highly rated, which might be why we don’t see too many used ones around. You might have to look hard for them, but they’re well worth it. With their 1.8L Inline four-cylinder engines, they got 46 mpg combined, at least for the 2016 models. The older 2008 versions saw around 32 mpg combined with their 2.4L Inline gas engines.

Lexus HS 250h

2011 Lexus HS 250h
2011 Lexus HS 250h | Lexus

The HS was one hybrid that Lexus discontinued in 2012. They marketed this car to a luxury style group. But, it ultimately got compared to the Prius that had better gas mileage and was much cheaper. The luxury package they focused on was great, but it didn’t justify it being over $10,000 more than the Toyota’s Prius model. 

People, at that time, were hungry for the high-rated fuel economy cars, and the Lexus just didn’t deliver as they hoped. Nowadays, however, mileage rates fall a little further down the list of vehicle needs, so the Lexus HS should fit right in today.

Honda CR-Z

2015 Honda CR-Z
2015 Honda CR-Z | Honda

Back in 2010, Honda delivered the first line of their CR-Z hybrids. They marketed them as a successor to their coveted CRX models, but they, unfortunately, didn’t rise to the hype. The 130 hp engine didn’t give much get-up and go, and it didn’t matter if you paired it with a CVT or manual transmission. So, sales were dismal for the CR-Z. Honda discontinued it in 2016.

Now that the only ones you see on car lots today are in the used section, they don’t seem half bad. Mileage isn’t terrible at 39 combined for the 2016 model, and it is a Honda, so you know it will be well built.

VW Jetta Hybrid

Volkswagen dropped its hybrid right when they pushed their company into a more electrified future. The Jetta, with its gas/electric combo, brought 44 mpg combined to the table. The car was lightweight and handled well, so it was a disappointment to many that VW closed its production line on the Jetta Hybrid in 2017.

Today, the Jetta Hybrid would be a nice addition to anyone’s family. Prices for one that has lower miles, and still in decent condition should fall between $8,000-$10,000.

Most hybrids went out as fast as they came onto the market. Sales disappointed automakers, but their quality build, and high gas mileage ratings don’t disappoint us. The cars listed here are only a small representation of what you could find in the used market today.