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Considering Honda’s renowned reputation for reliability, it’s hard to believe that any Honda model could be deemed unreliable. However, there have been some models in the automaker’s 74-year history that have missed the mark. Here are five of them.

1. 2005 Honda Civic Si

2002 Honda Civic Si
2002 Honda Civic Si | Honda

The Honda Civic has been a staple in the compact car segment since the 70s and a pillar of reliability. However, the seventh-generation Civic Si (made from 2002-2005) wasn’t the best example of dependability.

Hot Cars notes that this vintage of the Civic Si was prone to having a “cumbersome steering system, and if that wasn’t all, owners ran into multiple problems with the car’s terrible transmission.” Additionally, the hinge mechanism on the sun visors was known to fail, which makes for annoying drives on sunny days.

2. Honda Del Sol

1993 Honda Del Sol
1993 Honda Del Sol | Honda

The Honda Del Sol was meant to replace the fabled CR-X, but it missed the mark on a few levels. Although it was a two-seater car that was fun to drive, many owners didn’t care for the removable roof panel that was known to cause leaks, in addition to the noisy cabin. Many Del Sol owners also reported having faulty engine mounts, which led to abnormally high harshness and vibration levels.

3. 1997 Acura CL

1997 Acura CL
1997 Acura CL | Acura

The Acura CL was launched in 1996 as the two-door, entry-level coupe in its lineup. Many Honda and Acura fans expected the CL to have the same type of quality as the Legend that it replaced, but it didn’t. The CL was plagued with issues like a faulty automatic transmission and a defective electrical system. Fortunately, Acura could extend the car’s warranty period to up to seven years, but it wasn’t enough. Sales dropped after the second generation launched, and the nameplate died completely after 2003.

4. 1992 Honda Prelude

1994 Honda Prelude Vtec
1994 Honda Prelude Vtec | Honda

There’s no denying that the Honda Prelude had all the makings of a proper sports coupe. It had a raked silhouette with an elongated front and raised trunk. It also had a powerful 2.2-liter VTEC engine and slick-shifting manual transmission. However, as cool as the Prelude was, it had its share of problems.

According to Car Complaints, the 1992 Honda Prelude was prone to total engine failure and electrical problems concerning its cruise control feature. But that’s not all. The optional four-speed automatic transmission was prone to failure as well, and the steering system was known to have leaks. But hey, at least the Honda Prelude looked really cool.

5. 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid
2005 Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda

We love the current generation of the Honda Accord and all of its dual-motor glory. But the hybrid sedan wasn’t always that great. When it debuted for the 2005 model year — a time when automakers were jumping on the low-emission train – owners that purchased the Honda Accord Hybrid reported transmission issues early on. Honda addressed the issues by replacing the transmission, but to no avail. Sales of the Accord Hybrid dropped, which made Honda discontinue it in 2007.

The most unreliable Honda models

Although Honda has long been known for making some of the most reliable vehicles in the market, they’re not always that good. If you’re planning on checking out some older Honda models, you may want to stay away from these five examples.