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Ready to buy a used Ram pickup truck? Look no further. Buying a new car or truck can be intimidating, but here are some tips to help get you through the process. There are many different trims, years, and engines available on Ram trucks, so keep reading to find out how to find the right one for you.

Find out the history on your used Ram truck

Pickup trucks can be used for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you use it to haul wood or other materials to a worksite every day. Maybe you tow a trailer or boat every week. Or, maybe you have a bunch of dogs and love the beach.

Either way, knowing how your used Ram truck lived its life can be beneficial. Going to the beach a lot can cause rust if the truck spends a lot of time exposed to saltwater. Towing every day can cause strain on parts and require replacement or repair earlier.

Similarly, knowing what you need it for can help. If you want a truck to drive around, most of the trucks on the market will do. If you need a heavy-duty truck to work hard every day, that’s a different story.

A used Ram truck with fewer miles might be a better pick if you need a work truck. A smaller, lighter-duty truck will do if you are toting groceries.

Have a budget ahead of time

Buying a used car comes with costs that a new car might not. The insurance will be different because it is used. Also, you should prepare for maintenance ahead of time. Factor in the predicted maintenance cost when thinking about buying your truck.

If the head gasket is bound to go at 140,000 miles and the Ram you have picked out is sitting at 145,000, be prepared for that. Be prepared to pay for a full service soon, just in case.

U.S. News recommends using some tools to compare insurance rates. You want to compare the monthly premiums from different brands, but be sure you are getting enough coverage.

Some popular insurance brands are Geico, State Farm, and Nationwide. Factor these prices in with the price of the used truck to know more about the cost of ownership.

Use the tools available


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There are so many available tools online these days. You can price out your used Ram truck on Kelley Blue Book. You can also price out what you expect to get for your current car. Besides, you can learn about car loans and insurance rates.

Various forums can also be helpful to get opinions from owners. The Dodge Ram Forum has been around long enough to be called the Dodge Ram Forum. Plenty of owners and drivers or Ram trucks are available to answer questions should you have any.

Sites like the previously mentioned U.S. News always have great ratings and safety information. It compiles safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

In addition, recall notices are posted. If you are looking for a used car or truck, checking all of these resources is a good idea.

Overall, just being prepared before buying is the best way to do it.