5 Things Car Enthusiasts Hate That You Do In Our Cars

For some people, owning and driving a car is just a convenience that we have. Cars get us from point A to point b, and even if we want a little bit of luxury or fun driving, we see them as machines. It might be a little harsh to compare a car enthusiast to a drug addict, but it’s the same type of mindset. Car enthusiasts spend a lot of their day thinking about the car, what they want to do to their vehicle, other people’s cars, and even watching car videos on YouTube. For a car enthusiast, our vehicles are a passion that takes our time — and our money, and there are some things that enthusiasts hate that people do to, in, and on our cars.

Don’t lean on me

When it comes to damaging someone’s car, the most common thing that I get is someone leaning on it. This really grinds me gears, and it can damage the paint a lot more than people realize. Besides the potential for dents and dings, the automotive paint on your car is pretty fragile, and small movements can cause any metal on your pants or shorts to scratch. Really, you shouldn’t be touching your car at all, unless you are using a microfiber towel. So please, please, stop leaning on your car, my car, or anyone else’s car for that matter.

George Barris standing by the Batmobile
Car customizer George Barris is photographed next to the original Batmobile, at Barris Kustom Industries in North Hollywood | Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times

Slamming the door

If you are a car enthusiast chances are even reading that headline made your blood boil just a little bit. There is nothing we hate quite as much as leaning on our car, but slamming the car door comes in a close second. There is absolutely no reason to slam a car door. Close it like you would any other door, and chances are you won’t receive any dirty looks from the car’s owner.

Jeep Wrangler 392 Concept Half Door | Jeep

Don’t kick your feet up and relax

If you don’t meticulously clean and detail your car’s interior chances are you don’t realize how much of a time commitment it is. Getting your car’s seats, door panels, dash, and floor to look like they are perfectly new is a hassle in itself and trying to keep it that way is a nightmare. The last thing we want is someone to get in our car and kick their feet up on the dashboard.

Not just the dashboard — anywhere. Don’t make the car ride the place where you decide to tuck your legs or feet up under your butt. Feet belong on the floor. Not the seat, not the dashboard, just the floor. Why this is such a hard concept is beyond me. But, while we are at it, giving your shoes a quick kick before getting in to knock off any dirt or grime is also greatly appreciated.

Coronavirus Volunteer Driver
Volunteer driver Guo Gaoping cleans a commute car for frontline health workers in Yunyang County | Photo by Wang Quanchao/Xinhua

Being a Car Enthusiast Is Not at All What You Think It’s Like

These rules aren’t just crucial for car enthusiasts; they are just things that you should avoid doing. It is essential to respect other people’s belongings, especially for how expensive some cars can be. Follow these tips, and you’ll significantly decrease your chance of pissing off any car enthusiast, or even just your average car owner.