5 Standout Features MotorTrend Loved on the Ford F-150

Love it or hate it, the Ford F-150 has been getting a lot of press attention lately. It’s been voted as America’s favorite pickup truck for several years now, and while the competition is hot on its trail, the F-150 is still holding its own. Things get really interesting when you begin to look at all the different ways you can customize your F-150, and the combinations may seem endless.

If you want to design your own F-150 rather than picking the standard version offered at every Ford dealership in America, Motor Trend writer Eric Ayapana got the chance to do this. These were the top five features that he loved best about his 2018 F-150.

Powerful V-6

When designing his F-150, Ayapana chose to go with a V-6 engine. Some might question why he didn’t choose to go with the V-8 engine. It can pull more weight and sounds impressive when revving it, but he was impressed with the V-6s power during a test drive.

The V-6 has 325 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, making it a rather impressive engine in its own right. While you can absolutely go with the V-8 if your heart is set on it, the V-6 twin-turbo 2.7 liter six-cylinder engine has more than proven itself adequate for most consumers.

SuperCab complete with rear-hinged back doors

The SuperCab may sound big, but it’s actually smaller than the full-sized rear compartment SuperCrew. So was this a problem for Ayapana? 

Not in the least. He was pleased with the half-sized back doors and the rear hinge. It allowed him to open the doors wider so that passengers could enter and exit with more ease. Loading cargo was also less of a pain. 

For anyone who’s ever driven a two-row seat truck with only two doors, you’re probably all too familiar with the frustration that comes along with it. 

The SuperCab also has decent legroom, so unless you’ve got some incredibly tall passengers sitting in the back, you should be able to seat everyone with ease.

Lariat trim

It’s not the top of the line trim package, but Ayapana described the Lariat trim as fancy. Ayapana states, “The Lariat features a few notable goodies including a B&O audio system, leather seats, heated and ventilated front seats, and a power-sliding rear window.”

2020 Ford F-150 Lariat Interior
2020 Ford F-150 Lariat Interior | Ford

Ayapana and the staff at Motor Trend weren’t the only ones who preferred the Lariat trim. According to Edmunds, “We think the Lariat offers the best balance between luxury and everyday pickup usability. It doesn’t cost much more than the XLT equipped with the 302A package, with which it shares most of its features.”

Trunk bed that is both functional and sturdy

Ayapana didn’t choose to go standard on the trunk bed. Instead, he chose to opt for features that made life much easier for him.

One feature he really liked was the LED lighting. It probably made unloading cargo at night much easier. He was also impressed with the location of the various tie-down hooks that weren’t haphazardly placed. 

Some of the features Ayapana opted for included side steps that can be retracted and a hard tonneau cover that helped secure cargo in the bed of the truck. 

Various drive modes

With a push of a button, the F-150 can switch drive modes. Some of the modes that Ayapana mentioned include the mud/snow modes. It allows you to adjust the throttle and traction control, making driving more smooth while driving in conditions that test the skills of even the best drivers. 

Ayapana also states, “Sport mode, for example, sharpens throttle response, and Eco mode smooths things out in the name of efficiency.” Overall, Ayapana seemed very pleased with his custom F-150 and stands by Motor Trend’s decision to name the F-150 the 2018 Truck of the Year.