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Anyone that has camped in an RV knows that space is limited, with the average camper having approximately 320 square feet of living area. To keep an RV clean and organized, you need to get creative with where you will store personal belongings and must-have essentials.

We have compiled five space-saver ideas to help you find ways to not feel so cramped in your RV on your next camping trip.

1.  Multi-use items are great space savers

An RV parked in a mountainous area in front of a body of water.
RV in a mountainous area | Getty Images

Try to use items that don’t take up much space and can be used in various ways, especially in kitchen and bath areas where there isn’t much room for extras.

For example, replace dining chairs with an ottoman with a hidden storage compartment. Keep a couple of mason jars as space savers in the cabinet in the kitchen, which make great drinking glasses or leftover containers.

In the bathroom, use 3-in-1 soaps to reduce the number of bottles needed in the shower, and try Turkish towels that are good for drying off and as a blanket or shawl.

2.  Don’t overlook vertical space

Stacking items upwards will free up valuable space to move around while also giving you more table and counter space. Plastic stacking drawers, commonly found in hardware stores, are available in plenty of sizes and can be stacked to any height you desire. Just remember to properly secure them to avoid the risk of injury or property damage if the stack topples over while in transit.

Use cube organizers and boxes to utilize vertical space in bedroom closets and bathroom cabinets. Wire stacking racks can organize kitchen pantries, giving you more food storage space and fewer runs to the grocery store.

3.  Utilize hanging storage

Don’t forget about out-of-the-way spaces, such as behind a cabinet or closet door. For example. Hanging a wastebasket under the kitchen sink frees up valuable floor space. You can also use over-the-door hangers to store towels, jackets, and rain gear for easy access.

A mounted key holder eliminates clutter on your counter and helps you remember where you put your keys. Produce hammocks are also handy for storing fruits and vegetables, while shoe racks behind closet doors keep your living area tidy and clutter-free.

4.  Magnets are handy space savers

Magnets are great for securing anything you do not want moving around while driving, such as knives or other lightweight household items. Mount a magnetic strip near your cooking area and attach small magnets to your cutlery and utensils for easy storage and quick access.

A magnetic spice rack is a valuable accessory found in many RV kitchens. Small metal containers can be attached to the refrigerator door or on a cooking tray that you can secure to the wall or inside a cabinet. It is an easy way to get rid of bottles and keep spices within arm’s reach while preparing meals.

5.  Find foldable and stackable space saver items

The camping industry has been manufacturing foldable and stackable products to help campers free up space in their RVs. Nesting pots and pans eliminate clutter, requiring less storage and providing all the cookware you need while camping.

Nesting measuring cups, collapsible bowls and colanders, and pop-up laundry baskets take up minimal space while serving their intended purpose when needed. 

According to Outdoorsy, “Traveling in an RV is one of the most freeing experiences to be had in this life. By treating your next RV trip as a chance to minimize stuff, to maximize uses of remaining items, and to utilize every nook and cranny, you can spend more time enjoying and less time stressing about RV organization.”


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